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JSP Tutorials - Page 3

JSP Tutorials - Page 3

JSP Tutorials Page 3

  1. Create Data Grid in JSP page
    This is detailed code that how to create data grid that shows data from database table in jsp page. In this jsp code given below we have used a tag library that provide some tags to create data grid.
  2. Setting and getting JavaBean properties in JSP
    This example shows how to set and get properties of java bean class in jsp page.
  3. Update Database Table using JDBC in JSP
    This example shows how to update the existing  record of mysql table using jdbc connectivity in the jsp page. In this example we have created two jsp pages update.jsp and updatingDatabase.jsp.
  4. Parsing The XML File using DOM parser in JSP
    W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) started the DOM (Document Object Model) parser, that is the platform independent and language-neutral interface.
  5. Parsing The XML File Using JDOM Parser in JSP
    In this example we show how to work with JDOM parser to parse the xml document. JDOM can read existing XML documents from files, network sockets, strings, or from reader.
  6. Implementing CSS and JavaScript in JSP File
    This example shows how to implement css and JavaScript in jsp. Here we have created three main files that is cssScript.jsp, validate.js and style.css.
  7. Alphabetical DropDown Menu In JSP
    In this section, we have developed an User Search application . We created five file adduser.jsp, addform.jsp, userUpdate.jsp and delete.jsp. 
  8. Using Bean Counter in JSP
    In this section you will learn how the counter bean can be used in jsp. As you all know a counter increments the value by one. Here, we will use bean with a jsp .
  9. Use Constructor in JSP
    Constructors are used to initialize the object. They are just like method declaration but they do not return value. Constructors are defined by their class name.
  10. Retrieve HTTP Request Headers using JSP
    When a HTTP client sends a request, it is required to supply GET or POST. It can send a number of headers.
  11. Request Path in JSP
    We are providing you an example which shows the request path. The HTTPServletRequest interface provides method getRequestURL().
  12. Request Parameters in JSP
    HttpServletRequest interface is responsible for providing request parameters. Request Parameters are the data sent from client to the server side program.
  13. Printing a Stack Trace to the Server Console
    When you generate an exception in a program, it will be better to print out the exception stack trace to catch the error instead of debugging jsp pages.
  14. Nested If Statement
    Nested If statement means to use the if statement inside the other if statement. Here we are providing you an example using Nested-If statement.
  15. JSP Session Parameter rewrite
    JSP session provides methods like getCreationtime(), getLastAccessedTime(), getId(), invalidate(), getMaxInactiveInterval(), setMaxInactiveInterval(), removeAttribute(String name) and setAttribute(String, object) which will provide the session information.
  16. How JSP Forwards a request
    The <jsp:forward>  forwards the request information from one resource to the other, for example, one jsp file to other. To forward a request from one page to other, following syntax is required which forwards the request to other page.
  17. Getting a Property value in jsp
    To reduce the the scriplet code with jsp, there is an easier way of accessing properties of bean by using getProperty tag which automatically sends the result of the method.
  18. Error testing in JSP
    In JSP, you can specify the error page to be invoked when any error or exception is encountered. Exception and error can be handled by using two page directives <%@ page errorPage="errorPage.jsp" %> and <%@ page isErrorPage="true" %>.
  19. Multiple form in Jsp
    In this section, we have developed an Multiple form application . We created two file userform.jsp and 
  20. Simple Bank Application in JSP
    In this section, we have developed a simple bank application in jsp . In this application user can Update the User Profile, Cash Transaction, check the account Deposit/Withdraw Cash details and display transaction report  for particular time period.
  21. Date Formatter in JSP
    To display the date in different formats, we have used DateFormat class. This class provides methods like getDateInstance(), getTimeInstance() and getDateTimeInstance().
  22. Get Column names using Metadata in jsp
    Here we are providing you an example that retrieves all column names from a database table student1. Create a table student1 which contains student_id, student_name and student_address.
  23. Passing Parameters in jsp
    JSP can access the HTTP request object. It provides getParameter() method for retrieving parameter values by name. Parameters can be passed by using a tag <jsp:param>.
  24. Display Data from database in Popup Window  Using Ajax in JSP
    In this section, we have developed a application to display data  in pop up window. We created  file view.jsp, windowopen.jsp, getuser.jsp.
  25. Insert data in Excel File from Database  using JSP
    In this section, we have developed a application to insert data  in excel file from database in JSP. We created  file SearchUser.jsp, excelData.jsp.
  26. Bar Chart
    To draw a bar chart, we have used html tags. In this, firstly create rows with <tr> tag. The tag<td> contains the row data,<div> tag provides the division in a chart.
  27. Draw Statistical chart in jsp
    To draw a bar chart, we have used  JFreeChart Library. JFreeChart is a chart library used to generate different variety of charts. Download jar file: jfreechart.jar and jcommon.jar
  28. JSP Paging Example in Datagrid
    In this section, we have developed a web application to create paging in JSP.
  29. Download images from Database in JSP
    In this section, we have developed a web application to download images from database in JSP.
  30. How to Create JSP Page
    In this section we will show you how you can create JSP page and then test on tomcat server. Creating a new JSP page is very simple and any text editor can be used.
  31. How to Open JSP?
    In this section you learn How to Open JSP in text editor. The JSP file is simple text file with HTML code embedded with Java Code. Since JSP is simple text file you can simply open it in notepad.
  32. Add and Delete Element Using Javascript in JSP
    In this section, we have developed an application to add and delete element using javascript .
  33. Java bean example in JSP
    In this Tutorial we want to describe you a code that help in understanding Java bean example in JSP.This code illustrates the procedure of handling session and print a Hello world using Java Bean.
  34. JSP bean get property
    The code illustrate an example from JSP bean get property. In this example we define a package bean include a class Employees. Inside the class we declared a String variable first Name, last Name and address.
  35. JSP bean set property
    In this Tutorial we want to describe you a code that help in describing an example from JSP bean set property. The code include a package bean , we have a class Employees.
  36. Online Quiz Application in JSP
    In this section, we are going to implement of Online quiz application using of JSP.
  37. Implementing Bean with script let in JSP
    This application illustrates how to create a bean class and how to implement it with script let of jsp for inserting the data in mysql table.
  38. JSP Window. Open
    JSP Window. Open  is used to open a new window in JSP. The JavaScript function ) open a new browser window for the viewer to use.
  39. Using JSP in pure XML  generating conforming XHTML
    This JSP example describes how JSP tags for XML can be used in XML generation conforming  XHTML.
  40. JSP Write XML
    JSP technology is basically used for building HTML pages with dynamic content but you can use it to generate dynamic content in other formats as well, including XML.
  41. JSP User-Agent
    JSP User-Agent is used to display the user-agent. The page displayed you the name of the client requested the page and any refferer.
  42. Jsp to Excel
    In this section you will learn how to create an excel file and write data into it using jsp.
  43. JSP Request.getContextPath( )
    JSP Request .get Context Path ( ), the context path is the portion of the request URL that indicates the context of the request.
  44. JSP for Each
    JSP Error Page is used to specify the custom error page and runtime error occurs with an exception being thrown, the custom error page helps in handling the error page and display a customized view of the exception.
  45. JSP Error 500
    JSP Error 500 is to generate error status 500 in jsp.  The Error 500 occurred when the server encounter an internal error that prevent it from fulfilling the request.
  46. JSP Enumeration
    Enumeration, a concept of core java is an object that implements the Enumeration interface generate a series of elements, one at a time. Each call to the nextElement method ( ) will return the successive elements of the series.
  47. JSP decode URL
    JSP decode URL is the process of converting all Hex Characters back their normal form. . The Tutorial shows you an example to decode the specific URL.
  48. JSP Current Path
    JSP Current Path is used to get the current path of the JSP page.
  49. JSP Create Variable
    JSP Create Variable is used to create a variable in jsp. The scriptlets include a java code to be written as <%! %> provided by the jsp.
  50. JSP Choose
    In the given example, the c:if tag is used for a decision need, to be made in the page. If the result of processing the test using the EL Expression pageContext.request.method=='POST' is true, the body of the tag is processed otherwise it is skipped.
  51. JSP CheckBox
    JSP CheckBox is used to create a CheckBox in JSP. The JSP Page allows the user to select more than one option from multiple checkbox and also print the userdefined message that specify the languages option choosen by the user on submitting the button.
  52. JSP Buffered Reader
    JSP Buffered Reader allows the user to read text from character input stream, that provides the efficient reading of character, arrays and lines.
  53. JSP Background Image
    The Section of this tutorial helps you to create JSP Background Image on your login page .
  54. JSP Back Button
    Jsp Back Button enables the user back to the page from which they just come from.
  55. JSP Array Length
    JSP Array Length is performed when you want to compute the length of array in JSP.
  56. JSP Array
    Array is defined as the set of similar type of data in series. The Array can be String, int or character kind of datatypes. The below example gives you a demo on use of Array in JSP.
  57. JSP Alert
    JSP Alert is used to put the validation on login page for the users. The example in this Tutorial provides you to create the validation on the login form using Javascript method in JSP page. 
  58. JSP Absolute Path
    This section demonstrates you to get the absolute path in jsp. The absolute path is the full path that contains the root directory instead of a few directories contained within the absolute path.
  59. JSP Variable in Javascript
    JSP Variable in Javascript helps you to pass jsp variable to javascript. The JavaScript include a function that takes the defined variable from the jsp expression and display the message from variable using alert box.
  60. JSP SQL Tag
    JSP Variable in Javascript helps you to pass jsp variable to javascript. The JavaScript include a function that takes the defined variable from the jsp expression and display the message from variable using alert box.
  61. JSP Request URI
    JSP Request URI is used to return the URI of the current page in jsp. The method request.getRequestURI( ) return you the request object that will return the URI of the current JSP page.
  62. JSP redirects
    In this section, you will learn how to redirect a page in JSP. You can see in the given example that we have used the method response.sendRedirect() through which the server sends the response to the client browser, from where the next request comes and it displays that url correctly.
  63. JSP Buffer Overflow
    JSP Buffer Overflow is said to be overflow when the attribute 'autoFlush' of buffer is set to false. As you know that anything generated by the JSP page is stored in a buffer.
  64. JSP Value to JavaScript
    JSP Value to JavaScript tells you to pass the value from JSP to JavaScript. The JavaScript create a function that accepts the value from the jsp page. 
  65. JSP URL Encoding
    JSP URL Encoding is used to encode the url in JSP. URL Encoding is the process of converting string into valid URL format. The valid URL format means that the URL contains alpha, digit, extra, escape characters.
  66. JSP Thread Safe
    JSP Thread Safe is used to send only one client request for processing. It is used to implement Single Thread Model interface.
  67. JSP System.getProperty
    JSP System.getProperty is performed when you want to view the system properties and display them on the browser.
  68. Jsp Option Value
    In this section, we are going to create a select box by retrieving the value from the database in jsp. For further processing, first of all you need to create a table in the database.
  69. JSP Open File
    JSP Open File is used to create a file and write a text into the file.
  70. JSP Modulus
    JSP Modulus is used to determine the modulus of number in jsp. Modulus is the remainder of division operation.
  71. JSP Mime Type
    JSP Mime Type for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. MIME is a describe technique for attaching files to Internet mail by changing the raw binary files to printable ASCII.
  72. JSP Meta refresh
    In this section, you will learn how to use a META tag in the jsp. The META tag with an HTTP-EQUIV attribute controls the action of browsers, by setting the HTTP headers.
  73. JSP Locale
    JSP Locale is used to get the preferred locale of the user. A user can configure their browser with a US language locale ("en_US") as the preferred one.
  74. JSP List Size
    JSP List Size is used to get the size of the list. The JSP List Size uses array list object to add the elements and finally return the number of elements are added to the list. 
  75. JSP JSTL c:when tag
    In this section, you will learn how to use the jstl when tag in jsp. Basically, the choose, when, and otherwise tags can be used to construct an if statement.
  76. JSP JSTL c:if tag
    The c:if tag is used for a decision need, to be made in the page. If the result of processing the test using the EL Expression pageContext.request.method=='POST' is true, the body of the tag is processed otherwise it is skipped.
  77. JSP Include Param
    JSP Include Param is used to pass parameter in the include directive. The example uses <jsp:param> clause to pass the parameter name and value to the dynamic jsp page.
  78. JSP Include jsp
    This section illustrates you about the <jsp:include> directive in jsp. With the <jsp:include> directive, you can include either a static or dynamic file in a JSP file.
  79. JSP Include File
    JSP Include File is used to insert a html file and the text file in the jsp page when the JSP page is compiled. The insert file can be an HTML file, a text file or code file  written in the Java programming language.
  80. JSP Get URL
    JSP Get URL is used to get the url of the current JSP page. The HttpServletRequest interface has a method getRequestURL ( ) that return the url of the current page.
  81. JSP get Parameter
    JSP get Parameter is used to return the value of a request parameter passed as query string and posted data which is encoded in the body of request.
  82. JSP Frameset
    The frameset element holds two or more frame elements. Each frame element in itself holds a separate document.
  83. JSP Examples TOC
    Good collection of many Simple JSP Examples.
  84. JSP Session Examples
    JSP Session Tutorials Toc.
  85. Many JSP Tutorials
    Collection of a large number of JSP Tutorials
  86. File Upload Examples In JSP
    This tutorial is very helpful in the developing the project in which you have to upload any type of files whether single or multiple simultaneously. 
  87. JSP And Excel
    This tutorial helps you for performing several operations on the Excel Sheet by using JSP. This section also introduces about a 3rd party APIs provided by Jakarta-Apache Group that is POI.
  88. JSP Search Book Example
    Learn how to create database driven application in JSP. In this example we are connecting to MySQL database to perform search. 

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