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JDO - Java Data Objects Tutorials

This step-by-step Java Data Objects (JDO) tutorial will show you how to use JDO to develop standalone and web applications.

JDO - Java Data Objects Tutorials


This step-by-step Java Data Objects (JDO) tutorial will show you how to use JDO to develop standalone and web applications. This JDO tutorial gives you through introduction to JDO, starting from downloading and installing and developing the sample application to many complex examples. These tutorials will show you how you can make a class persistence and save the data to the relational database.

The JDO has revolutionized the way Java developers develop the data access program in java. JDO allows the developers to store and retrieve the objects easily and efficiently. At Rose India we have developed online JDO examples that will help you learn JDO Fast.

  1. What is JDO?
    This section gives you brief description of JDO, features and benefits of JDO specification. The Java Data Objects or JDO for short is Java's new API for interacting with databases.
  2. JDO Implementations
    To build application using Java JDO technology, we need the JDO implementation. Here we have listed all commercial and non-commercial JDO implementations that are available in the market.

Java Data Objects  or JDO is Java's new API for interacting with databases. JDO API is a standard interface-based Java model abstraction of persistence, developed as Java Specification Request 12 JSR 12 under the auspices of the Java Community Process. JDO helps the programmer to write data access programs with less programming and thus increasing the productivity of the programmers. JDO operates at a higher level, transparently transferring data between in-memory Java objects and your database.

    Java Data Objects is an 'Object Relational Mapping' Technology developed by Java Community Process(JCP), with active support from Sun MicroSystems. Craig Russell is the specification lead for the JDO expert group and David Jordan is an active member of that group.
    The JDO examples can be tested by using sun's JDO reference implementation. A number of other JDO implementations are also available. The JDO reference implementation can be downloaded from and selecting JSR-12 or can be downloaded from sun java website. 


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