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Exceptional Constructors - Java Tutorials

exceptional constructors

Exception in Constructor

In some situation it is possible that the constructor of a class throw exception. In such condition you should have proper code to handle it. In this section we will going to discuss how we handle exception thrown by a constructor.

Given below example will give you a clear idea how a constructor can throw exception and how should we handle it :


Given below a parameterized constructor which accept file name as string argument. This constructor will open the file, But if there is a problem in opening file, it will revert calling routine with a exception or simply it throw the exception back to the calling routine.  

package simpleCoreJava;


class WordCount2
//creates BufferedReader to read/open the input file
private BufferedReader br=null;

//print writer to write to a file
private PrintWriter pw=null;

public WordCount2(String afile) throws Exception
File inFile=new File(afile);
//if the file the user puts in does not exist, then throw an exception
br=new BufferedReader(new FileReader(afile));

catch(FileNotFoundException fnfe)

catch(IOException ioe)

catch(Exception e)

throw new Exception("The input file does not exist");

public class WordCount{
public static void main(String args[])
try {
WordCount2 w2= new WordCount2("C:/ankit.txt");
} catch (Exception e) {


 java.lang.Exception: The input file does not exist
 at simpleCoreJava.WordCount2.<init>(                                                    
 at simpleCoreJava.WordCount.main(



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