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Examples of Wrapper Class

This page discusses - Examples of Wrapper Class

Examples of Wrapper Class

In this page we are giving you the links of tutorials on wrapper classes in Java.

Wrapper classes are the classes present in the java.lang package. These classes provides object methods for the following eight primitive types:

1) byte
2) short
3) int
4) long
5) float
6) double
7) char
8) boolean

Following are the example of wrapper classes in Java.  

1.  Adding value through add(int, Object) method.

2.  Adding value through add(Object) method.

3.  Append all elements through addAll(ArrayList) method.

4.  To retrieve one of the element in the array through get() method.

5.  Change  a value through (Integer.toBinaryString()) method.

6.  Find total size through size() method.

7.  Remove a value through remove() method.

8.  Replace a  value through set(int, Object) method.



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