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Abstract class,Abstract methods and classes

This page discusses - Abstract class,Abstract methods and classes

Abstract methods and classes


While going through the java language programming you have learned so many times the word abstract. In java programming language the word abstract is used with methods and classes. 

Abstract Method

An abstract method one that have the empty implementation. All the methods in any interface are abstract by default. Abstract method provides the standardization for the " name and signature" of any method. One can extend and implement to these methods in their own classes according to the requirements. 


public abstract abs_value();

Abstract Class

In java programming language, abstract classes are those that works only as the parent class or the base class. Subclasses are derived to implement the methods inherited from the abstract class (base class). Abstract classes are not instantiated directly. First extend the base class and then instantiate (create objects). Abstract classes are generic in nature and implement to those methods that are used commonly by the subclasses with common implementation. Abstract classes .


abstract class A{
 public abstract abs_value();
 void show(){
 System.out.println("This is an abstract class");


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Discuss: Abstract class,Abstract methods and classes  

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