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Computer Networking

This page discusses - Computer Networking

Computer Networking


Here we are going to unfold the concepts of networking in day to day scenarios. Let us consider that you started a commercial activity where you were using a computer along with a printer, modem and a CD-ROM. Very soon you need to expand your business and you felt the requirement to add more people as well more computers. Suppose you buy 5 computers instead of going for a decision to buy 5 more printers, you should opt for an environment having the capabilities to share the available printer by the new 5 computers, this will save the money and resources to buy and manage the 5 new printers. Such an environment providing the sharing and exchanging facilities among the computer machines is called as a computer network.


Now you just need to maintain a network in which all the computers are interconnected and share the same printer and all such devices i.e. we just link the computer devices together with hardware and software supporting data communication across the network.

The initial and primary justification for a network is to avoid the multiple iterations of documents, files and spreadsheets on disparate computers.



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Discuss: Computer Networking  

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