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Inserting Text Trapezoid Using Java


In this example we are going to create a trapezoid on PowerPoint slide, then we are inserting  text using java.

In this example, we are creating a slide master for the slide show. To create slide show we are using SlideShow constructor and to create master slide we are using SlideMaster constructor. Then we are creating an object of Slide to create a slide. To create a trapezoid shape we have to use an object of AutoShape class in which we are passing the shape type as trapezoid. To set the position we are using setAnchor() method. To set the color we are using setFillColor(Color.Red). To insert text we are creating an object of RichTextRun constructor. In this we are passing text value. Finally we are adding it by using addShape() method.

 The code of the program is given below:
import org.apache.poi.hslf.HSLFSlideShow;
import org.apache.poi.hslf.model.Slide;
import org.apache.poi.hslf.model.*;
import org.apache.poi.hslf.usermodel.SlideShow;
import org.apache.poi.hslf.usermodel.*;
import java.io.*;
import java.awt.*;
import org.apache.poi.hslf.model.TextBox;
class insertingTextInTrapezoid
  public static void main(String a[])
  {   SlideShow slideShow = new SlideShow();
      Slide slide = slideShow.createSlide();
      TextBox txt = new TextBox();
      txt.setText("Rajesh Kumar");
      txt.setAnchor(new java.awt.Rectangle(25026030050));
     RichTextRun rt = txt.getTextRun().getRichTextRuns()[0];
     AutoShape sh1 = new AutoShape(ShapeTypes.Trapezoid);
     sh1.setAnchor(new java.awt.Rectangle(00600600));
     AutoShape sh2 = new AutoShape(ShapeTypes.Trapezoid);
     sh2.setAnchor(new java.awt.Rectangle(50100500500));
     AutoShape sh3 = new AutoShape(ShapeTypes.Trapezoid);
     sh3.setAnchor(new java.awt.Rectangle(100150400400));
     AutoShape sh4 = new AutoShape(ShapeTypes.Trapezoid);
     sh4.setAnchor(new java.awt.Rectangle(250250100100));
    FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream
  }catch(Exception e){}

The output of the program is given below:

Download this example.


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