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Introduction To Enterprise Beans

In this tutorial you will learn about the Enterprise Beans.

Introduction To Enterprise Beans

In this tutorial you will learn about the Enterprise Beans.

Enterprise Bean :- A bean that is a component of Java Enterprise Edition which gives the implementation of Enterprise JavaBeans technology is called Enterprise Beans. An Enterprise Beans is a server side component that encapsulates the code which will fulfill the purpose of an Enterprise application and is required an EJB container to run. Enterprise applications are the applications that are intended to used at large scales where many users accessing the large number of data concurrently at a time. Besides this it is also used for communicating with the server, for maintaining the session of clients while the transaction task is being performed from the database. Enterprise beans are provided to system-level services (transaction and security ) by the EJB container that enables the application developer to build and deploy the application without making delay.

Benefits of Enterprise Beans

There are various benefits of Enterprise Beans that simplifies the development of distributed and large applications. Some of the following are :

  • Due to the system-level services provided by the EJB container Bean developer need not to worry about these services, they can only focus on solving the business problems.
  • Because the application's business logic is contained by the beans so the client developer can only concentrate on presentation of the client.
  • Client developer need not think about the applied business rule and database accessing.
  • The portable functionality of enterprise beans components provides the facility of building the new application much easier from the existing beans.

When to use Enterprise Beans

An Enterprise Beans can be used on any of the following requirements :

  • Used in those application's where the number of users increases day by day you may required to distribute an application component's across multiple machines.
  • Used in those application's which supports the functionality of transactions where the mechanism for accessing the shared objects management is required.
  • Used when where the variety of clients will be use the application, clients can be several, thin, and indefinite number.


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