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Java Write

Example below demonstrates working of abstract writer class. Java writer is an abstract class build inside the package.

Java Write


  1. Java writer example
    Example below demonstrates working of abstract writer class. Java writer is an abstract class build inside the package.  In the example several class methods of the writer class are demonstrated.
  2. Java write file
    Following example demonstrates, how to create and write a file. In the example subclasses of  Writer abstract class are used to write on file.
  3. Java write to stream
    Following example demonstrates, how to write data in to the stream. In the example subclass CharArrayWriter of  abstract Writer class is used to write data in to the underlying character stream.
  4. Java writer outputstream
    Following example contains subclasses of  Writer & OutputStream classes. Writer & OutputStream are both abstract classes. In the example working of subclasses of both the abstract classes are demonstrated.
  5. Java writer class
    Tutorial below is regarding Java writer class. Java writer class is an abstractly implemented idea for writing text files using character streams. It is defined inside package.
  6. Java writer api
    Following web page demonstrates the Java writer api. Brief but to the point description is given below regarding  java abstract writer subclasses,  field summary, constructor summary and method summary.
  7. Java write newline
    Following example demonstrates,  how to get newline feature in the generating results. In the example subclasses of  Writer abstract class are used to write on file.

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Posted on: December 12, 2008

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begginer java
May 26, 2011
read and write to textFile me please in my project the user input two string &picture i want to write them to textFile but if user add again i want mix its input with other input then in read textFile just read determine three input ..this my code public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { ImageIcon icon=new ImageIcon(); String s1=textField1.getText(); String s2=textField2.getText(); String image =(icon.getImage()).toString(); String k="*"; String text=s1+s2+image+k; String fileName = "c:/MyVocabulary.text"; String[]a=text.split(k); if (((JButton) e.getSource()).getName().equals("Close")) { prj.setVisible(false); } if (((JButton) e.getSource()).getName().equals("Browse")) { JFileChooser fc = new JFileChooser(); // create object of file // Browser File file; // create file variable fc.setDialogTitle("Open File"); // set Title int result = fc.showOpenDialog(prj); // make it visible if (result == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) { // if click ok file = fc.getSelectedFile();// get the selected file textArea1.setImage(icon.getImage()); // update textField3 textField3.setText(file.getPath()); } } if (((JButton) e.getSource()).getName().equals("Add")) { File file1=new File(fileName); FileWriter fw=new FileWriter(file1); BufferedWriter bfw = new BufferedWriter(fw); bfw.write(text); bfw.newLine(); bfw.close(); } else if (((JButton) e.getSource()).getName().equals("Search")) { File file1=new File(fileName); FileReader fr=new FileReader(file1); BufferedReader bfr =new BufferedReader(fr); for (int i=0;i<a.length;i++){ if(a[i].equals(s1)){ String m=""; while((m=bfr.readLine())!=null){ m=m+"\n"; } System.out.println(m); } bfr.close(); } } } }
August 29, 2012
java basic to high level a tutorial notes.

i need a java programming simple tutorial notes.....