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Map Iteration  
No direct iteration over Maps -- Get Set of keys or key-value pairs from Mapt.

Java: Maps  
Map implemented by HashMap and TreeMap.

Java: Sets  
Sets are collections that allow only one object with a given value in them..

Old and New Vector Methods  
The Vector class was updated to implement the List interface..

Java Notes: Vectors  
To Create a Vector.

ArrayList (non-generic)  
An ArrayList can be traversed using either iterators or indexes..

An ArrayList has methods for inserting, deleting, and searching..

The primary use of comparators is to pass them to something that does sorting, either one of the explicit sort methods, or to a data structure than implicitly sorts..

Iterator is a replacement for the Enumeration class which was used before collections were added to Java..

Collections Class  
The java.util.Collections class contains static utility methods for manipulating collections..

Collection Interface  
The Collection interface is the parent of the List and Set interfaces, but not Map..