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Java: Why aren't Java GUIs easier?  
This page discusses - Java: Why aren't Java GUIs easier?.

Java: Basic GUI  
This page discusses - Java: Basic GUI.

Java: JPanel - Example  
This page discusses - Java: JPanel - Example.

User Interface Design  
User Interface Design for Programmers - Joel Spolsky..

FontDemo example  
This program displays the available fonts and how they look in different sizes and styles..

Images - ImageIcon  
This simple approach loads the image "synchronously", meaning that whenever you request an image to be loaded, the program waits until the image loading is finished..

Mouse Buttons, Modifier Keys  
Java supports up to three mouse buttons..

Mouse Listeners  
There are several styles for using the mouse listeners..

To implement a MouseMotionListener.

A mouse button is pressed, released, or the mouse enters or leaves the area of the component with a listener..

The Mouse  
The mouse is handled automatically by most components, so you never have to know about it..

Know about the KeyDemo.

Focus - Which component gets KeyEvents?.

Antialiased versus Aliased Graphics.

The javax.swing.Graphics2D class of Java 2 supports many more graphics operations than the Graphics class..

JPanel - Drawing Area 2  
To initialize the panel -- Constructor.

JPanel - Drawing Area  
Define a new class that extends JPanel and define a paintComponent method in it..

Images - BufferedImage  
You can create a new BufferedImage using either the characteristics of an existing component ..

Use the addPoint(int xcoord, int ycoord) method to add one point to the polygon..

Predefines a few color constants.

Who calls paintComponent  
you subclass JPanel to draw graphics, override the paintComponent() method..

Graphics class  
The Graphics class contains drawing methods..

Screen Coordinates  
You known the Screen Coordinates.

It is easy to use, and can be used with the Color class to set the drawing color and Font class to set the font for drawing text..

Look and Feel  
How to use the default Java cross-platform Look & Feel..

Fonts - Centering Text  
To find the size of a font or of a particular String..

The java.awt.FontMetrics class is used to determine the measurements of characters and strings..

The java.awt.Font class is used to create Font objects to set the font for drawing text, labels, text fields, buttons, etc..

Border Example  
Create a panel with 10 pixels of space around it..

How to create Bordets?.

Rationale for GUI tutorial decisions  
Why learn GUI programming?.

ContentPane or Content Pain?  
Advantages of using a JPanel as opposed to Container.

Kilometers to Miles - Complete  
How to convert the Kilometers in to Miles.

Kilometers to Miles - User Interface Only  
You will known how to convert kilometers in to miles..

Tiny Window with subclass  
Using the most common style of building windows by defining a subclass of JFrame..

Example - Tiny Window  
To display the Tiny Window.

GUI Tutorial I - FIRST DRAFT  
The tutorial presents model programs of increasing capability..

Separating UI from Logic  
One of the most important ideas in organizing programs is to separate the user interface (UI) from the logic.

About Examples  
This series of progressive examples shows a typical pattern for building simple applications with a window..

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Structure  
The same calculator is organized according the the Model-View-Controller (MVC)pattern..

Presentation-Model Structure  
To the Presentation-Model organization.

Big Blob Structure  
Know the Big Blob Structrue.

Rainfall Model Questions  
Used with the Rainfall program..

Rainfall GUI Questions  
You known the Rainfall GUI Questions.

Fill-in: Rainfall GUI  
About the Rainfall GUI.

GUI-Model Rainfall program  
Simple problem of recording rainfall statistics..

GUI Alternatives  
To build a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Java..

you want to change the cursor to show the user that something is different..

Summary - EZPanel  

FormatPanel Tutorial  
About the FormatPanel.