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Java bigdecimal shortValueExact

In this example working of Java bigdecimal class shortValueExact method is demonstrated.

Java bigdecimal shortValueExact


In this example working of  Java bigdecimal class shortValueExact method  is demonstrated.  Method return type is short therefore it will return only short values. Method converts bigdecimal in to short data type value. In the example one bigdecimal object  mass is created.   Method throws NumberFormatException if it finds any other value to be converted in to short  other than integers and decimals. Method also throws ArithmeticException if the value contains non-zero fractional part.

Syntax for using the method: public short


short sh = this.object.shortValueExact();

import java.math.BigDecimal;

public class Java_bigdecimal_shortValueExact {
  public static void main(String args[]) {

  BigDecimal mass = new BigDecimal(5648);
  short shortValueExact;
  shortValueExact = mass.shortValueExact();
  System.out.println("BigDecimal value : " +
  "" + mass
  "\nmethod converted short value" +
  " : " + shortValueExact);

  float valuef = 3625;
  mass = new BigDecimal(valuef);
  System.out.println("\nmass object value : " +
  "" + mass + "\nmethod generated " +
  "short value : " +
  "" + mass.shortValueExact());

  double valueD = 2003;
  Double doubleObj = new Double(valueD);
  mass = new BigDecimal(doubleObj);
  System.out.println("\nmass object value :" +
  " " + mass  + "\nmethod generated " +
  "short value : " + mass.shortValueExact());


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