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Introduction to Java

What is Java?

Introduction to Java


  1. What is Java?
    Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language developed by the Sun Microsystems. Though it is associated with the World Wide Web but it is older than the origin of Web.
  2. New to Java
    If you are new to Java technology and you want to learn Java and make career in the Java technology then this page is for you. Here we have explained how to learn Java and master the Java technologies.
  3. Learn Java Quickly
    Java is an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. This is freely available to public for all purposes from personal website development to big enterprises.
  4. Java as an Object Oriented Language
    In this section, we will discuss the OOPs concepts along with their role in developing the Java applications and programs.
  5. Java Features
    The concept of Write-once-run-anywhere (known as the Platform independent) is one of the important key feature of java language that makes java as the most powerful language.
  6. Java Virtual Machine
    JVM is the main component of Java architecture and it is the part of the JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) . It provides the cross platform functionality to java. This is a software process that converts the compiled Java byte code to machine code.



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