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How to Print a Stack Trace Message

This page discusses - How to Print a Stack Trace Message

How to Print a Stack Trace Message 

Debugging of Java program requires a lot of efforts. You can use the log files to log the messages into it. Some times you have to print the detailed error message on the console. For this you can easily use the printStackTrace() method of Exception class. This method will print the detailed message on the console.

You can use the printStackTrace() method in console as well as in the web based application. In case of web based application the message will appear on the server console on which application is running.

 The syntax of printStackTrace() is as follows:

catch (Exception e){

Check how to use printStackTrace() in JSP application at printStackTrace in JSP. You can also discuss your problem at Discuss: printStackTrace in JSP.

As we have seen that java provides a method getMessage() method that is used with an object of the Exception class to print errors to debug the process. For example:

try {

   // ......

catch (IOException e) {

  // ...........
  System.out.println("Got an IOException: " + e.getMessage());


 Instead of this this method you can get more information about the error process if you print a stack trace from the exception using the printStackTrace() method that prints the stack trace to the console and provides the line numbers of statements that called the methods in the current stack.

Lets see an example that prints an exception's message.

public class PrintStack{
  public static void main (String args[]){
  String str = "Exception" ;
  int len=0;
  StringBuffer sbuf = new StringBuffer(str);
  len = str.length() ;
  for(int ct=len;ct>=0;ct--){
 catch(Exception e)

In this section you leaned how to use the printStackTrace() method of Exception class.



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