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Tutorial Can a JSP page process HTML FORM data?
Yes. However, unlike servlets, you are not required to implement HTTP-protocol specific methods like doGet() or doPost() within your JSP page. You can

Tutorial How do you pass control from one JSP page to another?
Use the following ways to pass control of a request from one servlet to another or one jsp to another. * The RequestDispatcher object ?s forward meth

Tutorial How does the JavaServer Pages technology work?
JSP pages use XML tags and scriptlets written in the Java programming language to encapsulate the logic that generates the content for the page. It pa

Tutorial How to disable sessions in JSP?
Disabling the session in some pages will improve the performance of your JSP container. Every time a JSP is requested, JSP creates an HttpSession obje

Tutorial Can we override jspInit() method?
No as this method is generated by the container it cannot be overridde.

Tutorial How can I declare methods within my JSP page?
You can declare methods for use within your JSP page as declarations. The methods can then be invoked within any other methods you declare, or within

Tutorial How do I include static files within a JSP page?
Static resources should always be included using the JSP include directive. This way, the inclusion is performed just once during the translation phas

Tutorial What is expression in JSP?
Expression tag is used to insert Java values directly into the output. Syntax for the Expression tag is: <%= expression %> An expression tag contai

Tutorial What types of comments are available in the JSP?
There are two types of comments are allowed in the JSP. These are hidden and output comments. A hidden comments does not appear in the generated outpu

Tutorial Explain the life-cycle methods in JSP?
The generated servlet class for a JSP page implements the HttpJspPage interface of the javax.servlet.jsp package. Hte HttpJspPage interface extends th
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