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Tutorial The PID (Process ID) a unique number for each item on the Process Tab, Image Name list. How do you get the PID to appear?
In Task Manger, select the View menu, then select columns and check PID (Process Identifier).In Linux, PID is used to debug a process explicitly. Howe

Tutorial What are types of Select statements?

Tutorial Can I develop an Entity Bean without implementing the create() method in the home interface?
As per the specifications, there can be ?ZERO? or ?MORE? create() methods defined in an Entity Bean. In cases where create() method is not provided, t

Tutorial What is EJB QL?
EJB QL is a Query Language provided for navigation across a network of enterprise beans and dependent objects defined by means of container managed pe

Tutorial What is the difference between find and select methods in EJB?
A select method can return a persistent field (or a collection thereof) of a related entity bean. A finder method can return only a local or remote in

Tutorial What are Local Interfaces? Describe.
EJB was originally designed around remote invocation using the Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) mechanism, and later extended to support to standar

Tutorial What is reentrant entity bean ?
An entity bean that can handle multiple simultaneous, interleaved, or nested invocations that will not interfere with each other.

Tutorial What is the relationship between local interfaces and container-managed relationships?
Entity beans that have container-managed relationships with other entity beans, must be accessed in the same local scope as those related beans, and t

Tutorial What is re-entrant. Is session beans reentrant. Is entity beans reentrant?
If we define the entity bean as being reentrant, multiple clients can connect to the Entity bean & execute methods within the entity bean concurrently

Tutorial What is home interface?
One of two interfaces for an enterprise bean. The home interface defines zero or more methods for managing an enterprise bean. The home interface of a
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