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Tutorial What is Java Naming and Directory Interface?
The JNDI provides naming and directory functionality. It provides applications with methods for performing standard directory operations, such as asso

Tutorial What is JAAS?
The Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) provides a way for a J2EE application to authenticate and authorize a specific user or group

Tutorial What is J2EE connector?
The J2EE Connector API is used by J2EE tools vendors and system integrators to create resource adapters that support access to enterprise information

Tutorial What is JAXP?
JAXP stands for Java API for XML. XML is a language for representing and describing text-based data which can be read and handled by any program or to

Tutorial What is JTA and JTS?
JTA is the abbreviation for the Java Transaction API. JTS is the abbreviation for the Jave Transaction Service. JTA provides a standard interface and

Tutorial What is the EAR file?
An EAR file is a standard JAR file with an .ear extension, named from Enterprise ARchive file. A J2EE application with all of its modules is delivered

Tutorial What is deployment descriptor?
A deployment descriptor is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) text-based file with an .xml extension that describes a component?s deployment settings

Tutorial What are type of J2EE client?
Following are the types of J2EE clients: * Applets * Application clients * Java Web Start-enabled rich clients, powered by Java Web Start technolo

Tutorial What is a thin client?
A thin client is a lightweight interface to the application that does not have such operations like query databases, execute complex business rules, o

Tutorial How do we package J2EE components?
J2EE components are packaged separately and bundled into a J2EE application for deployment. Each component, its related files such as GIF and HTML fil
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