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Hibernate Mapping

In this Hibernate Mapping tutorials series you will learn Hibernate in depth. We will show everything on Hibernate Mappings with running code example. We have used easy to learn examples that will help you understand the complex things easily. 

This Hibernate Mapping tutorial is targeted to the experience hibernate developers having some programming experience in developing applications with Hibernate.

Hibernate uses xml file to define the O/R mapping in the applications. But programmers can also use annotations to define the O/R mappings. Annotations are also well supported in hibernate. You can also use hibernate in your JPA applications. This Hibernate Mapping tutorials also talks about hibernate annotations mapping.

In this tutorial we will use xml file defining object/relational mapping, but in the Hibernate annotations section we will show you the usage of annotations.

Let's get started with Hibernate Mappings tutorial.

  1. Hibernate Mapping Files
    In this section I will describe you the necessary Hibernate Mapping Files that is required to develop a hibernate application. Hibernate is very flexible O/R mapping tool.
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