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Hibernate features

In this section, you will get to know about newly added feature in Hibernate 4 and the existed feature in Hibernate.


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Hibernate features

In this section, you will get to know about newly added feature in Hibernate 4 and the existed  feature in Hibernate.

Newly added feature in Hibernate 4

Hibernate core 4.0.0 was finally released in the year 2011 in the month of Dec. New features that are introduced in Hibernate core 4.0 releases are as follows :

  • Provide support for initial multi-tenancy.
  • Introduces a ServiceRegistry.
  • Clean up of Session opening from SessionFactory.
  • Using org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator made integration and auto discovery more desirable.
  • Improve to work with i18n and message codes.
  • Clean up of deprecated interfaces, methods, etc.

Major changes made in Hibernate core 4.0 release is the introduction of ServiceRegistery to provide how to access the registered services. And in this release some methods classes and interfaces have been deprecated. Here I am giving some list of them.

Methods that have been deprecated and removed from are as follows :

Following deprecated methods are references to org.hibernate.type.AbstractSingleColumnStandardBasicType :

  • get(ResultSet rs, String name) use get(ResultSet rs, String name, SessionImplementor session)
  • nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String name) use nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String name, SessionImplementor session) instead.
  • nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement st, T value, int index) use nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement st, Object value, int index, SessionImplementor session) instead.
  • set(PreparedStatement st, T value, int index) use set(PreparedStatement st, T value, int index, SessionImplementor session)

Following deprecated methods are references to org.hibernate.usertype.UserType :

  • nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String[] names, Object owner) use nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String[] names, SessionImplementor session, Object owner) instead.
  • nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement st, Object value, int index) use nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement st, Object value, int index, SessionImplementor session) instead.
  • Session.reconnect().
  • Session.connection() use following methods according to requirement Session.doWork(), Session.doReturningWork() or Session.sessionWithOptions(), Session.openSession() instead

Classes/Interfaces that have been deprecated are as follows :

  • org.hibernate.classic.Session
  • org.hibernate.classic.Validatable etc.

Features of Hibernate

Transparent persistence without byte code processing

  • JavaBeans style properties are persisted
  • No build-time source or byte code generation / processing
  • Support for extensive subset of Java collections API
  • Collection instance management
  • Extensible type system
  • Constraint transparency
  • Automatic Dirty Checking
  • Detached object support

Object-oriented query language

  • Powerful object-oriented query language
  • Full support for polymorphic queries
  • New Criteria queries
  • Native SQL queries

Object / Relational mappings

  • Multiple-objects to single-row mapping
  • Polymorphic associations
  • Bidirectional associations
  • Association filtering
  • Collections of basic types
  • Indexed collections
  • Composite Collection Elements
  • Lifecycle objects

Automatic primary key generation

  • Multiple synthetic key generation strategies
  • Support for application assigned identifiers
  • Support for composite keys

Object/Relational mapping definition

  • XML mapping documents
  • Human-readable format
  • XDoclet support

HDLCA (Hibernate Dual-Layer Cache Architecture)

  • Thread safeness
  • Non-blocking data access
  • Session level cache
  • Optional second-level cache
  • Optional query cache
  • Works well with others

High performance

  • Lazy initialization
  • Outer join fetching
  • Batch fetching
  • Support for optimistic locking with versioning/timestamping
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • High performance
  • No "special" database tables
  • SQL generated at system initialization time
  • Internal connection pooling and PreparedStatement caching

J2EE integration

  • JMX support
  • Integration with J2EE architecture (optional)
  • New JCA support


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Hibernate features

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