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Java Update

Java 1.4.2 Update 2 provides improved behavior for applets in Safari and increased stability for desktop Java applications.

Java Update


In this section, you will learn java updates. 

Java Update 1.4.2
Java 1.4.2 Update 2 provides improved behavior for applets in Safari and increased stability for desktop Java applications. Java 1.4.2 Update 2 also includes all the improvements from Java 1.4.2 Update 1.

The system will be updated to Java 1.4.2 Update 2. If the system currently has Java 1.4.1, it will be removed. Any previous Java 1.4.2 installation will be completely replaced.

Java SE 6 Update

Java SE 6 Update N (formerly known as the "Consumer JRE" project) is an update release that introduces new features and enhancements aimed at providing an optimized consumer end user experience. Java SE 6 Update N focuses on the following areas:

  • Enhanced JRE installation experience
    • The Deployment Toolkit takes the guess work out of determining what versions of the JRE end users have installed on their PC. It supplies Java based web applet/application deployers with a simple interface to accomplish Java detection and installation.
    • The Kernel online installer lets first time Java users run applets and Web Start applications without waiting for the whole JRE download. The default Kernel installation is expected to satisfy the requirements of most Java applets and applications and any additional libraries that may be required at runtime are downloaded to complete the Kernel installation. This installation mechanism let the end user get up and running significantly faster, while the complete JRE installation takes place in the background. See Java Kernel FAQ for more information.
    • For current users of Java SE, the JRE update mechanism has also been improved, using a patch-in-place mechanism that translates in a faster and more reliable update process (the patch in place mechanism will take effect for end users who upgrade from this update release or later to a new update release). As an added benefit, follow-on update releases will no longer be listed as separate items in the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" dialog.
  • Improved performance and look & feel
    • The Quick Starter feature will prefetch portions of the JRE into memory, substantially decreasing the average JRE cold start-up time (the time that it takes to launch a Java application for the first time after a fresh reboot of a PC).
    • Hardware acceleration support: Java SE 6 Update N introduces a fully hardware accelerated graphics pipeline based on the Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, translating into improved rendering of Swing applications which rely on translucency, gradients, arbitrary transformations, and other more advanced 2D operations.
    • A new cross-platform Swing look & feel, code name Nimbus, provides a nice update over 'Metal' and 'Ocean'.


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