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The package keyword


The package in java programming language is a keyword that is used to define a package that includes the java classes. Keywords are basically reserved words which have specific meaning relevant to a compiler. Packages in java are used to avoid naming of classes. 

Syntex:  Here is the syntax that must be followed by a developer whenever defining a package.

package com.roseindia;

public class MyClass



Note: Here are some points that must be considered while declaring and defining a package.

  • In java programming language while defining a package then the package statement, must be the first non-comment statement in Java source file. For example the above syntax have a fully-qualified class name of the MyClass i.e com.roseindia.MyClass.

  • The class defined in the file goes to the default package if  the Java source file does not include a package statement.

  • Classes in the default package may not be referenced from classes in non−default packages.



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