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Introspection is the automatic process that analyzes the design pattern of a bean in order to reveal bean's properties, events, and methods. This process is used to control publishing and discovery of bean operations and properties.

Purpose of Introspection

Java object repository sites existing on the Internet are continuously growing in numbers to answer the demand for centralized deployment of applets, classes, and source code in general. Any developer who has spent time hunting through these sites for licensable Java code to incorporate into a program has undoubtedly struggled with issues of how to quickly and cleanly integrate code from one particular source into an application.

The way of implementing introspection provides great advantages, including:

  1. Portability - Everything is java works on the principle "write once run anywhere", therefore you can write components once, reuse them everywhere. No extra specification files required to be maintained independently from your component code. You do not required to deal with platform-specific issues. Your component does not require to tied to one component model or one proprietary platform. Maintaining the portability of your components gets advantages to you of evolving Java APIs.
  2. Reuse - To provide the potential of reusing your component simply follow the JavaBeans design conventions, implement the appropriate interfaces and extend the appropriate classes to make possible to your expectations.



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