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OOPs revolve around the four concepts:

1. Encapsulation
2. Polymorphism
3. Abstraction
4. Inheritance

In OOPs, these concepts are implemented through a class definition and achieved through the object creation process, programmatically.

Here we will discuss Inheritance briefly: 

-- Inheritance is the mechanism to organize and structure the software program in an hierarchical manner. 
-- Through inheritance
a new class can inherit some existing behavior and states of another class. This promotes the concept of code reusability.
Inheritance saves work as the already existing class allows the new class to inherit all the properties of the old general class and as a programmer you only require the new features. 
-- Inheritance  allows various objects to share certain things common by allowing to define a general class and later to organize some other classes simply adding some details with the old class definition.
Inheritance  allows a better data analysis, reduction in development time, less coding and better performance.

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