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Java Glossary Term - G

Java 1.5 provides number of new features to the Java Language including "Java Generics".

Java Glossary Term - G


  1. Java Generic
    Java 1.5 provides number of new features to the Java Language including "Java Generics". Using generics makes the application more reliable by detecting more bugs at compile time. 

  2. Java Gregorialcalendar
    Java provides the standard calendar by providing the class GregorianCalendar in java.util package. The Gregorian calendar is used in most countries all over the world.

  3. Java Gridlayout
    Some times we need to create GUI that have a matrix-type layout with columns of same widths and rows of same heights. For this purpose, the layout manager "GridLayout" class, defined in "java.awt" package, is used that lays out components in different equally sized rectangular cells. 

  4. Java Guide
    Any beginner requires guidance to start with. A beginner in the field of java programming language must stay with http:/ It's tutorials provide practical guide to the beginner and experienced java programmer.

  5. Java Garbage Collection
    The Java language is the most widely used programming language to rely on garbage collection. The name "garbage collection" implies that objects that are no longer needed by the program are "garbage" and can be thrown away or destroyed.



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