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The break Keyword


"break" is the java keyword used to terminate the program execution within a block of code that immediately comes to the currently enclosing block. 

In other word we can say that break keyword is used to prematurely exit a for, while, or do loop or to mark the end of a case block in a switch statement. Also break keyword is used for terminate a loop. The break always exits an innermost enclosing while, for, do or switch statement.

The break statement is used to stop a loop for any reason and also the condition.

Examples: following example searches through an array for a particular value.

switch (n) {
case 0: System.out.println("ram"); 
case 3: 
case 5: 
case 7: System.out.println(n + " good"); 
case 2: System.out.println(n + " not"); 
case 4: 
case 6: 
case 8: System.out.println(n + " work hard"); 
case 1: 
case 9: System.out.println(n + "ill"); 
default: System.out.println("ram is work hard."); 


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