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Top 10 PC Games for Free Download

Here we are discussing about the Top 10 PC Games which is available for Free Download.

Top 10 PC Games for Free Download

PC games continue to be many of our favorite pastimes irrespective of our level of maturity or age and especially when it comes to downloading a game undoubtedly free ones comes as first choice. Thus PC games for free download is one of the most popularly searched items on the internet. Obviously you cannot expect the latest version of a popular game to be absolutely free, but on the opposite side when it is available just without any extra cost except a few megabytes of downloadable data, we can be easily content with a slightly backdated version or can spare the thoughts of few features that are available with the updated one. To choose a top 10 among the multitude of free games in different niches and types is almost an impossible task but that is what we venture to do here. Here is our pick on top 10 PC games for free download.

imageBattlefield 1942

It’s a game that with its real life like imagery takes you to the Second World War era. With almost everything that matches the deadly battle fields – from submarines to tanks to war planes to highly equipped soldiers – the game offers tense thrill of war field with easily maneuverable control set up. If you have a soft corner for all those shooting gizmo that just let you feel like a cool soldier, then this game is the ideal pack of thrill for you.

Play/Download Game Here

imagePlanetside 2

Strategy games are popular because of their typical demands of intelligence and cool approach in a simulated reality involving life and death, but this one is being less strategic and less intelligence pulling in overall character offers a lot more than any of the games of similar type. It is an epic all out battle that is ready to take your breath out almost immediately as you begin to play it. Though there are stealthy in game option of purchases, the free and basic one is no less thrilling.

Play/Download Game Here

imageSuperhouse of Dead Ninjas

Typical flash games involving steps and continuously evolving challenges in steps and stairs as the figure move on, is an all time favorite among regular gamers and Ninja is already a top pick in this category. To run Ninja beyond all that continue to come as obstacles and threats may look funny but takes your breath away as you get involved. Among the PC games for free download this one is a must pick in the category of flash games.

Play/Download Game Here

imageMinecraft Classic

Unquestionably it is one of the world's most popular games ever with its sales figure being at least one and half times ahead than any of the games listed here. But irrespective of those dry numbers, it's the innovative and delicate mix of imagination, clarity and graphics that made this game a pleasure to play for young children to even boys in their early youth. Yes, it is the best game by any consideration if you are looking for something that lets you foster your imagination through building anything, landscape garden to skyscrapers to city streets.

Play/Download Game Here

imageNeptune's Pride

Some games are overtly and expressly intelligent and besides the thrill of playing they let your grey matter work really hard. This one is a game of that sort. It is all about finding strategic defense and planning sudden attack and once being hooked, you are a cosmic fighter sophisticated in tracking system and alert maneuvers. Sounds a little complicated, no? But it just takes a few minutes to be engulfed by this other worldly simulated reality.

Play/Download Game Here

imageGTA Vice City

A teenage favorite who really wants to enchant in the unruly racing throughout the city, fight the police everywhere, create nuisance and even breaks into military security to board fighter helicopter and single handedly take on the city's defense system. Stunning graphics, inexhaustible city scenes and easy yet broad range of arms and ammunition control made this game an ideal choice for so called unruly would-be-hoodlum aspirations of children. Get thrilled, no matter at whatever cost! That's GTA Vice City.

Play/Download Game Here

imageProject IGI

Shooting and following on tiptoe, presence of mind and cool patience to wait for the enemy to get into the barrels shooting range, all these and much more make the deadly fight and thrill of Project IGI. The game offers cool graphical presentation of various military bases in every stage and as you survive and reach the end of previous stage it opens up slightly tougher turf and opponent in the next stage. Many adults even remain glued to this game for a considerable game, because it's always unlocking the next stage that drives you crazy.

Play/Download Game Here


It's a game that takes your cherished pleasure and attraction for flying to its fulfillment, though only in the simulated graphics reality but yes, with the most emphatic and stunning visual. Lots of aircrafts with sophisticated and state of the art fighting capabilities, extensive wide angle terrain mapping and easy control maneuvers - this game offers lot more than any others in its category.

Play/Download Game Here


You probably were waiting all this time for a racing game, since it is almost obvious that a list of PC games for free download cannot simply be concluded without mentioning one corresponding to street race among cars. Need4Speed offers number of different visual turfs with varying level of challenges along with choice of different cars. Simple control with just the keyboard arrows and really life like graphic ambience makes this game a hit and a pleasure to play for the kids.

Play/Download Game Here

imageDangerous Road

For some kids a charismatic machismo on double wheels dashing through the city streets with roaring speed is the ideal satisfaction of their hard to suppress crave for racing. Dangerous Road being a simple and easily maneuverable game offers really life like situations of busy city streets making your fun ride more thrilling.

Play/Download Game Here



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