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Building Projects - Maven2

Maven2 is an Open Source build tool that made the revolution in the area of building projects.

Building Projects - Maven2



Learn to Set Up A Maven2 Repository

Maven2 is an Open Source build tool that made the revolution in the area of building projects. Like the build systems as "make" and "ant" it is not a language to combine the build components but it is a build lifecycle framework. A development team does not require much time to automate the project's build infrastructure since maven uses a standard directory layout and a default build lifecycle. Different development teams, under a common roof can set-up the way to work as standards in a very short time.

  1. Maven: Features
    1. Portable: Maven is portable in nature because:
    ? Building configuration using maven are portable to another machine, developer and architecture without any effort
    ? Non trivial: Maven is non trivial because all file references need to be relative, environment must be completely controlled and independent from any specific file system.

    2. Technology: Maven is a simple core concept that is activated through IoC container (Plexus). Everything is done in maven through plugins and every plugin works in isolation (ClassLoader). Plugings are downloaded from a pluginrepository on demand.

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Posted on: October 8, 2010

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