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Free Java

The Java or JDK is free for development and deployment of the all types of the applications. You can develop small applications as well as very big applications for big organization using Java technologies.

The Java technologies are available in three flavors:

  1. Java Standard edition (JSE)
  2. Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) and
  3. Java Mobile Edition (JME/J2ME)

Above flavors of Java is sufficient to develop full fledge applications for desktop, web and mobile devices. Developers are developing both commercial and free java applications. There are many free Java applications available these days. There are many free small applications that can be used by the individuals all around the world.

Free Java big applications such as CRM, ERP, E-commerce solutions etc. can be used by the corporate to manage their data efficiently. These free applications are also supported by many developers, users and corporate. There is no harm in using these software. There many benefits of using these free software developed in Java.

In this section we have tried to compile the list of freely available software developed in Java technology.

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