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Flex adding single event on varied components Example

Following example adds same MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN event listener on two check box controls

Flex single event on varied components


In the example below, listeners for a single event MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, are created on two flex check boxes controls, due to which whenever the check boxes are clicked the  second argument of the .addEventListener method is get switched. 
Here the second argument of .addEventListener method is a function name eventHandler that contains show method of Alert class.
This show method when invoked opens the pop-up windows. So with this example a clear idea for adding single event listeners in to several components is depicted.


<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'utf-8'?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx = ''>
  import mx.controls.Alert;
  public function eventHandler(event:Event):void{'Id' + 
  ' Class Name: ' + event.currentTarget.className 
  '\n' + event.currentTarget.label);
  <mx:CheckBox id = 'ch0' label = 'Check me permanently
  click = 'ch0.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, eventHandler);
  public function addEvent():void{
  ch1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, eventHandler);
  <mx:CheckBox id = 'ch1' label = 'Uncheck me permanently
  click = 'addEvent(); changeLabel1(event)' selected = 'true'/>
  public function changeLabel0(event:Event):void{
  if(ch0.selected == 'false'){
  ch0.label = 'Check me permanently';
  }else {
  ch0.label = 'Well now i am checked permanently';  
  public function changeLabel1(event:Event):void{
  if(ch1.selected == 'true'){
  ch1.label = 'Uncheck me permanently';
  }else {
  ch1.label = 'Now i am Unchecked';



Download the code



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