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Tikal Update Manager is a YUM-like graphical user interface, which wraps Eclipse and Callisto-format update sites, adding intuitive discover/install/update/remove functionality for Eclipse plugins & features and other bundled packages.

Tikal also provides public and subscriber-only repositories & mirrors, for ease of installation.

Tikal Update Manager also leverages Callisto categorization capabilities to reveal sets of plugins and prepackaged software components that compose a complete, integrated profile-oriented solution for developers, offering profiles such as Java Development, Database Exploring, Reports and Charts Genaration, and others.

Tikal Update Manager can be used by experienced developers for setting up their own, private environment, or by IT experts to prepare team/division/company-wide distributions of Eclipse, that are easily updatable by common developers, and for low learning curve cost.

Actually, it is probably quicker to start working with TUM than with Eclipse's native update site support, mainly due to its interface friendliness, improved dependency resolving, and development profile support.

Click on this link to get more detail: http://rain.ifmo.ru/~evdokimov/regexutil/description.html


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