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Eclipse Plugin- Editor

The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis and navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code.

Eclipse Plugin- Editor


  1. SlickEdit Plug-in for Eclipse
    The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis and navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code. Context Tagging automatically performs expression type, scope, and inheritance analysis including the following features: automatically displaying the prototype for a function when a function operator is typed, automatically listing members when typing a member access operator, and providing a list of variables in scope that match the current parameter.
  2. Adobe Flex Builder 2-Editor
    Powerful Eclipse-based IDE for building rich Internet applications Flex Builder 2 provides powerful coding, debugging, and design tools that developers need to deliver stunning applications using the Flex framework and Flex Data Services. Flex offers a standards-based programming framework, a library of rich built-in controls and services, and powerful debugging tools enabling developers to quickly build rich client-side UI and logic.
  3. Crystal Reports for Eclipse
    Crystal Reports for Eclipse is a set of free plugins provided by the makers of Crystal Reports, the world's #1 Report Designer. Crystal Reports for Eclipse will provide Eclipse developers with an embedded report designer as well as a number of development tools to assist them with building applications.
  4. Eclipse Wiki Editor
    This Eclipse plugin is a simple personal or project Wiki. Eclipse 3.2 or later and a Java 5 runtime. There are few feature are following:
    * Link to local Wiki documents
    * Link to resources in the Eclipse workspace and plugins
    * Link to Java source code in the current project simply path typing the fully qualified name of a class
    * Link to urls
    * Exclude words from being links by providing a list in a file called wiki.exclude
    * Define common prefixes to any website, Wiki, Eclipse resource, and more using a local WikiSpace 
  5. Jasper Assistant-Editor
    Jasper Assistant is a visual report designer for JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting engine. It is built on top of the Eclipse plug-in architecture and its main goal is to assist you in creating JasperReports report definition files through an intuitive and fully WYSIWYG graphical interface.
  6. Color Editor
    A syntax color highlighting editor for Eclipse. ColorEditor uses JEdit?s syntax highlighting mode files. The plugin currently supports highlighting for around 74 different file types.
  7. SortIt-Editor
    This Eclipse plugin adds sorting to editors. You can sort case sensitively, case insensitively, numerically, and reverse the selected text. The numerical sort assumes that the first set of characters on each line is a number and sorts accordingly. 

  8. Velocity Web Edit
    Velocity Web Edit is a Velocity and HTML aware editor with the following features:
    1 Customizable Syntax Hilighting
    2 Content Assist
    * Velocity Variables Names
    * Velocity Variable Methods and Properties (using Reflection)
    * Javascript Function Methods
    * Velocity Macro Directives
    * Style Sheet Class Names

  9. Resource Bundle Editor
    Eclipse plugin for editing Java resource bundles (i.e., localized *.properties files). Some features: * Keys are always sorted. * Reports missing, duplicate, or similar entries. * Non-ASCII character conversion to/from Unicode. * Multiple properties file formating options (key grouping, line wrapping, etc).
  10. ASN.1 Editor
    ASNEditor provides an Eclipse 3 editor plugin for ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) files. It presents an outline page, code folding, syntax highlighting, content assist, goto declaration under cursor, bracket matching, ASN.1 nature, problem markers for errors and warnings.
  11. ReportMill Studio Editor
    ReportMill is the best Java application reporting tool available for dynamically generating reports and web pages from Java applications in formats such as PDF, HTML, Flash, Excel and more. ReportMill combines an easy-to-use page layout application and a powerful Java API in a single compact jar file, which is remarkably easy to integrate into your custom Java application. ReportMill is a much better solution for Java application reporting because it harvests data directly from any Java dataset, instead of forcing an unnecessary trip to the database. 
  12. Text Editor Extensions
    Extends the Eclipse text editor with convenient operations for filtering the text. Includes actions to 1) run a system command (pipes/filters) on the selected region, and 2) quote and unquote special XML characters/entities
  13. htmlSave-Editor
    Often I have wanted to save Java or other languages as html. There are several tools o­nline that does this, but many are commercial and they are cumbersome to use (you often have to cut and paste the java into a webpage). So I figured, Eclipse has the style information needed (and I want my style not someone elses style), why not just extract it and generate HTML directly from Eclipse editors. This plug-in adds a simple action o­n the file menu to save the active text editor as HTML.
  14. Afae-Editor
    Afae is Another Freebooter's All-purpose Editor. It is a group of plugins for Eclipse that do the following: * Syntax highlighting for many types of files (Ruby, Assembly, C, Objective-C, Javascript, bash, config files, pretty much any language you can think of (some better than others of course)) * Keystroke comments * Shows Whitespace * An image viewer. For gif, jpg, ico, and png *



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