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Jasper Assistant  
JasperAssistant is a visual report designer for JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting engine..

Eclipse Wiki Editor Plugin  
This Eclipse plugin is a simple personal or project Wiki. A Wiki is many things, but in the context of Eclipse, it is a powerful project documentation tool linking documentation to eclipse resources, web sites, bug tracking tools and other Wikis..

Afae - An All-purpose Editor for Eclipse  
Afae stands for Another Freebooter's All-purpose Editor. It is a group of plugins for Eclipse that do the following: * Syntax highlighting for many types of files. * MetaWeblog plugin for posting to your blog * Keystroke comments * An image viewer.

Save Any Eclipse Editor as HTML  
Often I have wanted to save Java or other languages as html. There are several tools online that does this, but many are commercial and they are cumbersome to use (you often have to cut and paste the java into a webpage)..

Text Editor Extensions  
ETEE is an Eclipse plug-in which extends the Eclipse text editors with some extra capabilities for filtering the text using command line pipes/filters..

Report Mill Studio editor  
ReportMill is the best Java application reporting tool available for dynamically generating reports and web pages from Java applications in formats such as PDF, HTML, Flash, Excel and more..

ANS.1 Editor  
ASNEditor provides an Eclipse platform (Version 3.0.1) editor plugin for the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) formal language..

Resource Bundle Editor  
ResourceBundle Editor is an Eclipse plugin for editing localized properties files. It allows you to manage key/value information for all related properties files at once, through the same screen..

Velocity Web Edit  
Velocity Web Edit is a Velocity and HTML aware editor with the following features: * Customizable Syntax Hilighting * Content Assist Velocity Variables Names Velocity Variable Methods and Properties (using Reflection) Javascript Function Methods .

SortIt Editor  
This Eclipse plugin adds sorting to the Edit menu. You can sort case sensitively, case insensitively, numerically, and reverse the selected text..

Crystal Reports for Eclipse  
Crystal Reports for Eclipse is an Eclipse Plug-in that provides a 100 percent Java-based report design and deployment environment for application developers..

Adobe Flex Builder 2-Editor  
Adobe® Flex? 2 is a complete, powerful application development solution for creating and delivering rich Internet applications (RIAs) within the enterprise and across the web..

The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis plugin_boxshotand navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code..

Eclipse Plugin- Editor  
The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis and navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code..