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The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis plugin_boxshotand navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code.



The SlickEdit Plug-In provides developers with a powerful set of symbol analysis plugin_boxshotand navigation tools to save time and maximize control over code. Context Tagging® automatically performs expression type, scope, and inheritance analysis including the following features: automatically displaying the prototype for a function when a function operator is typed, automatically listing members when typing a member access operator, and providing a list of variables in scope that match the current parameter.

Advanced code navigation includes the ability to view and jump to a definition, view and jump to references, and set unlimited bookmarks. Powerful searching with multi-file search and replace, regular expression searches, and syntax driven searches (e.g. searching only in strings and excluding comments) allow a user to quickly locate program text. The SlickEdit Plug-in also supports Selective Display, allowing users to collapse code blocks, function bodies, comments, and selections.

Product Details

The SlickEdit Plug-In allows developers to use the popular SlickEdit code editor as the default editor within Eclipse or any Eclipse-based IDE. The SlickEdit Plug-In provides a wide range of features for analyzing, working with, and improving the readability of code. Seamlessly integrating with the project and workspace management capabilities, the SlickEdit Plug-in complies with the Eclipse project data model, debug, and build framework.

Advanced Features for Rapid Coding

The SlickEdit Plug-In provides many editing features to help developers code faster. Syntax Expansion and Indenting automatically insert entire constructs and place the cursor at the correct line and indent level. Surround With provides the capability to select a code block and surround it with language-specific structures. DIFFzilla® provides editable dynamic differencing and merging for files, directories, and source trees. Other features for rapid coding include Aliases, code beautifiers, color coding, Clipboard Inheritance®, and SmartPaste®.

Highly Customizable

Developers can customize and extend the SlickEdit Plug-In to fit preferred work styles. The SlickEdit Plug-In includes a macro language for recordable and programmable macros, and access to existing macro source to modify the product. Developers can also customize the SlickEdit Plug-In through the use of customizable key bindings, a dialog box editor, and 13 emulations, including CodeWarrior?,
CodeWright®, GNU Emacs, ISPF, Vim, and Visual C++®.

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Posted on: March 3, 2008

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