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IBM Cloudscape Workbench

The Cloudscape Workbench is a tool for connecting to Derby and DB2 databases, and performing common tasks such as browsing schemas, altering database objects, and working with SQL scripts and table data.

IBM Cloudscape Workbench


The Cloudscape Workbench is a tool for connecting to Derby and DB2 databases, and performing common tasks such as browsing schemas, altering database objects, and working with SQL scripts and table data. This tool also enables easy migration from a Derby database to a DB2 database. The Cloudscape Workbench is powered by Eclipse technology, and is available both as a stand-alone application (for Windows and Linux) and as a set of Eclipse plug-ins. Eclipse is an award-winning, open source platform for the construction of powerful software development tools and rich desktop applications.


With the Cloudscape Workbench, you can:

  • Connect simultaneously to Derby and DB2 databases.
  • Browse the database schemas in a hierarchical view.
  • Create new database objects using SQL templates.
  • Alter existing objects by editing their DDL (Data Definition Language).
  • Drop objects.
  • Generate DDL scripts for all or part of a database.
  • Edit SQL scripts with a dedicated editor featuring syntax highlighting and content assist.
  • Extract and Load data from tables to local files.
  • View and edit the data stored in tables.
  • Migrate Derby databases to DB2.

The Cloudscape Workbench allows you to connect to the following databases:

  • Derby 10.1, using the embedded driver, the Derby Client, or the DB2 Universal driver
  • Derby 10.0, using the embedded driver or the DB2 Universal driver
  • DB2 UDB 8.1 and 8.2 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®, using the DB2 Universal driver

Download and install

The tool is available in two different forms:

  • IBM Cloudscape Workbench: a stand-alone application for Windows and Linux, based on Eclipse technology.
  • IBM Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins: A set of plug-ins that you can install and use with other Eclipse 3.1 based offerings.

The two versions of the tool require a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or higher:

  • IBM JRE version 1.4.x or higher
  • Sun JRE version 1.4.x or higher

IBM Cloudscape Workbench does not include the Derby database. If you do not already have a Derby database on your system, install one of the following:

  • Apache Derby V10.1
  • IBM Cloudscape V10.1 (includes the DB2 Universal driver)

IBM Cloudscape Workbench (stand-alone version)

Download the IBM Cloudscape Workbench (for Windows or Linux), and unzip the file in the directory of your choice.

To start the Cloudscape Workbench, execute csworkbench.exe (on Windows) or csworkbench (on Linux).

IBM Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins (plug-ins version)

The IBM Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins require an Eclipse 3.1 platform with the Web Tools Platform (WTP) plug-ins. (The Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins do not work with Eclipse 3.2) You can either:

  • Download and install the various components yourself. This can be a long process because WTP itself depends on many other plug-ins.
  • Download and install WTP-All in one, which is an Eclipse 3.1 platform, preconfigured with all the components you need. For more information, see the Resources section.

Once your Eclipse platform is installed, download the IBM Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins, and unzip the plugins directory in the top-level folder of your Eclipse platform.

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Posted on: February 28, 2008

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