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Database Edit for PointBase


DBEdit for Pointbase

DBEdit for Pointbase is a plug-in for Eclipse that allows Java developers to quickly access PointBase databases from the Eclipse development environment. This plug-in has many innovative features that allow Java professionals to easily develop PointBase applications. These features include:

  • SQL Editor: The fully-functional SQL Editor with syntax highlighting and context-sensitive name/keyword completion capabilities, allows developers to quickly write and test sql statements against their PointBase database.
  • SQL Execution: Enables the rapid execution of PointBase sql statements from within the Eclipse IDE, allowing developers to check the syntax and semantics of the statements in their Java program.
  • Visual Database Browser Allows users to browse the PointBase database catalog to see what objects exist in their database system.
  • Table Creation Dialog: Enables users to quickly create PointBase tables from a graphical user interface.

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