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Mojo - Free Build to Release


OpenMake Mojo is the only tool you will ever need for automating, centralizing and accelerating your software development processes from build to release.  

Mojo automates processes through its unique community-developed knowledgebase. Workflow hand offs, logs, and reports are centralized across multiple teams and hardware platform. Build to release cycles are accelerated with Mojo's multi step activity synchronization and continuous build support. 

Key BenefitsEnd-to-End Process Automation
Continuous Integration Builds
Integrates easily with your current tools, IDEs and scripts.
Eliminates scheduling delays by fostering team hand-off
On demand access to workflow logs, schedules, reports and metrics.
Build Services enabled for easy upgrade to OpenMake Meister

Mojo centralizes end-to-end process automation, creating a self-service workflow environment for the execution of build, testing and release processes. Mojo manages the hundreds of build and release scripts written by developers executing them from a central location, in a precise order with centralized logs. In addition, Mojo is OpenMake “Meister ready". Through Build Service innovation, Meister gives developers the option to write reusable Ant or Make scripts minimizing script redundancies and creating lean and adaptable builds. Team Hand-Off and Cooperation: Mojo's Workflow ManagementCoordinating build-to-release efforts can be a complex process involving the cooperation of many teams and departments. Through Mojo's workflow management, the build-to-release workflow can be defined once and "promoted" to another group. This team hand-off is secured through Mojo's User Groups and privileges. The workflow's email notification keeps everyone in the loop providing status updates of the build-to-release process. Mojo's workflows allow for faster hand-offs that are secured and self-documented, minimizing the risk of defects between development and release.   Continuous, Scheduled and On-Demand Builds: Mojo's Build CoordinationMojo supports the execution of the build to deploy steps using listeners, schedulers and on- demand executions. A Mojo workflow can be defined and executed upon a SCM check-in to support agile efforts, scheduled to run at certain times of the day, or on demand as needed. The Mojo workflows can be called from any command line process or executed via the Mojo scheduler.

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