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Java Beginners

What do you understand by the are PHP, ASP and Perl languages?
What do you understand by the are PHP, ASP and Perl languages?  Tell me about PHP, ASP and Perl languages as web hosting guys are asking about... the tutorial What are PHP, ASP and Perl. Thanks 

Web Hosting Tutorial

What are PHP, ASP and Perl
are important to provide dynamic look to any websites. PHP, Perl, ASP are among...PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), ASP.NET (Active Server Pages),and Perl... browsers. Perl is a server-side scripting language. This programming language 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Introduction
1.1. What is PHP? So, what is this whole PHP business all about? PHP is a popular scripting language like ASP of Microsoft Corp. primarily used..., and Perl. PHP supports many databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase 

HTML Questions

Asp with C#.Net
Asp with C#.Net  How to generate barcodes in aspx page 

PHP Tutorial

What is PHP ?
What is PHP? PHP is an acronym stand for Hypertext PreProcessor. It is an open... Java - JSP, Macromedia's ColdFusion, CGI - Perl. PHP also attracted many... of PHP are LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP ( or Perl, Python 

JSP Servlet Questions

report making in asp

Development process Questions

Perl - Development process
Perl  Hi... can anyone help me regarding perl .... in perl script to connect to database and to run the query System command is being used. for example: #print "\nRun the sql"; system "$MSSQL_OSQL -U$USR -P$PSW -S$SVR 

Programming Tutorials

What is PHP?
What is PHP? In this section we will discuss about PHP and will try to understand "What is PHP?" and "Why it is used for web development.../tutorial/php/zendframework/index.html Read more on What is PHP 

Development process Questions

ASP .Net Upload Video on youtube
ASP .Net Upload Video on youtube  Hi, I Naushad Ansari trying to upload video on youtube using my asp .net web application. I have read the documentation of youtube and I have created the application also but I am not getting 


Perl Developer
Perl Developer       Position Vacant: Perl Developer Job Description  We are looking for Perl developers to work on various projects.  

PHP Tutorial

PHP Instruction Separation
PHP Instruction Separation: PHP follows the same way to terminate the instructions as C, Perl, or most of the popular languages do. PHP use ' ; '... in the example are not usual tags of PHP, these are called asp like tags, to enable 


VB and ASP programmers
VB and ASP programmers       Position Vacant: VB and ASP programmers  Job Description  Visual basic programmer with ASP knowledge to develop Desktop 

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URGENT !!!!! Any PERL language Expert .
URGENT !!!!! Any PERL language Expert .   I have input 50 amino acid... EXCEL sheet. Can this be done using perl or any other programming language. IS THERE ANY PERL OR BIOPERL MODULE AVAILABLE FOR PURPOSE 


Unix and Perl Programmer
Unix and Perl Programmer       Position Vacant: Unix and Perl Programmer  Job Description  We are looking for Perl Programmers with Unix experience 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Email Tutorial, Sending email from PHP
Sending mail in PHP In this section we will learn how to send email from PHP program. You can send email from your PHP script using mail(...) function...-To: webmaster@$SERVER_NAME\nX-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()); Additional mail 


PERL & CGI Programmer
PERL & CGI Programmer       Position Vacant: PERL & CGI Programmer Job Description  Looking for CGI programmers having knowledge of Perl 

Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Perl Integration
Eclipse Perl Integration       EPIC is an open source Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform... assist, perldoc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl 


Ask Perl Questions Online
Ask Perl Questions Online       Perl is a high-level, general-purpose..., project development, or for just learning on perl using our service ‘Ask 

Free Programming books

Perl Programming Books
Perl Programming Books         Learning Perl the hard Way This book is a work in progress. I have some ideas about what will go into the next few 


Traditional Means of Web Application Development
, simple HTML web pages, later on it became dynamic by using CGI script (Perl was mostly used), Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) were among the few 


PHP Regular Expression
Regular Expressions PERL Style Regular Expressions PHP Examples PHP GET...PHP regular expression allows programmer to perform various task like... strings. PHP Regular expression also allows you to validate a email, phone 

PHP Tutorial

Why PHP ?
Why PHP? Reasons to use PHP are given below: 1.    PHP is open source, free to download and use : PHP is free and you can download... other software etc. 2.     PHP is cross platform 

PHP Tutorial

About PHP
Introduction 1.1 What is PHP? 1.2 What is a PHP File?2 What you'll need 3 Steps... PHP is a widely used powerful scripting language basically used for creating... with Hyper Text Mark Up Language (HTML) and several syntaxes of C, Java and Perl 

PHP Questions

php   what is php   PHP Tutorials 

PHP Tutorial

php Basic Syntax
php Basic Syntax       In the given tutorial we will study how to write the basic syntax of php: <?php ?> The above mentioned tag will be included in each php file and each php coding 

WebSevices Questions

How we can integrate ASP .net website to payment gateway using SOAP xml request and response using wsdl.
How we can integrate ASP .net website to payment gateway using SOAP xml request and response using wsdl.  We have a e-commerce website in ASP.net, c#, Sql server database, now we need to integrate it to payment gateway, Payment 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Benefits - The benefits of PHP programming language.
will definitely zeroed on PHP, one of the most popular web development scripts among Java, ASP .Net, .JSP and PHP.. PHP is an open source server side...Benefits of PHP Whenever we think off to begin any website, we consider 

PHP Questions

php  what is php 

PHP Questions

php using javasript  how to set timer in php using javasript 

PHP Questions

php  i want to know about php and php plateform required software to make php program and database that used in php program?   Please visit the following link: PHP database