Home Discussion Discuss: The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories Business Logic Presentation

  • Ejb TutorialAnand October 11, 2011 at 12:02 PM

    These tutorials are very usefull to learn the technology... i think it will be good if you add sample IDE screen shots to look..so that anyone can practices simultaneously... thanx..

  • ejbvenkat July 1, 2012 at 6:48 PM


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The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories Business Logic Presentation
The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories: Business Logic 

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The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories Business Logic Presentation Logic

JSP Servlet Questions

Business logic vs Presentation logic - JSP-Servlet
Business logic vs Presentation logic  what is the difference between Business logic and Presentation logic 

Struts Examples

MVC Architecture
property of MVC1 architecture by separating Presentation, control logic... logic and application data from the presentation data to the user. Here... modification in the business logic. In other words, we can say 


Developing Distributed application using Enterprise Java Beans, J2EE Architecture, EJB Tutorial, WebLogic Tutorial.
functionality and all the business logic and presentation of the data logic were installed on the client machine. This architecture was very.... It is very difficult to reuse the business and presentation logic 

PHP Tutorial

architecture. They does their all work in one PHP file such as database query... used today are two-tear architecture, logical three-tear architecture and physical thee-tear architecture. J2EE Web Server Architecture J2ee application 


Java Architecture Over View
; } Overview of Client tier, Presentation tier, Business tier, and Resource tier.... J2EE architecture is logically divided in to many tiers such as client tier, presentation tier, business tier, and database tier. It supports many APIs 


Weblogic Training
logic and presentation. It is an e-commerce transaction platform to implement...; The Weblogic training course provides an overview of the J2EE architecture... that allows you to quickly develop and deploy reliable, secure, scalable and manageable 

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JSP Architecture, JSP Model 1 architecture, JSP Model 2 architecture
for business logic, But in majority of cased it is used to create the different.... JSP Architecture While developing the web applications two types... architectures. So, in JSP there are two types of architecture of the JSP: Model 1 


J2EE Tutorial
technology JavaBeans Components Business Tier: Business tier allows for the business logic of an application. In business tier following Java EE technologies... page etc. J2EE versions Major versions of J2EE are as follows : Java EE 


Application Architecture
(tiers) Presentation Layer Business Layer Data Access Layer In this application the presentation layer, business layer and data access layer.... Three tier architecture of the application:  Presentation Layer JSF 

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JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer
;and finally integrating JSF with business logic tier We are using...JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer   ... about configuring the presentation layer. The presentation tier integration 

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why business logic in servlets - JSP-Interview Questions
why business logic in servlets  why business logic written using servlets not in jsp. Jsp used for presentation purpose. serlvet used for coding business logic and controller logic. Reason for using servlets in business logic 

JSF Tutorials & Examples

Business Objects of Business Logic tier
Business Objects of Business Logic tier   ... will develop the objects of business logic tier. Business logic tier referrers to the mid tier of 3-tier web application architecture. Business Objects Business 

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VoIP Architecture
VoIP Architecture Common VoIP Architecture This white paper describes the architecture of AT&T?s common infrastructure for real-time... services will migrate to this architecture over time and when appropriate 


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requirement. J2EE architecture allows the development of multi-tired applications... makes J2EE applications easy to write because business logic is organized...) are business components that run on the server. J2EE components are written 

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Struts Architecture - Struts
the developers to concentrate on the business logic. For read more... struts architecture with flow.   Hi friend, Struts is an open source framework used for developing J2EE web applications using Model View Controller 

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divide the line in to two
divide the line in to two  In| this |example |we| are| creating |an |string| object| .We| initialize| this| string |object| as| "Rajesh Kumar"|.| We| are| taking| sub| string | In above mentioned line based on the tag i want 

Spring Framework

Spring Architecture
program logic. View more details of Spring Framework Architecture and image...Spring Architecture Spring is a light-weight framework that is used for the development of Enterprise-ready applications. The architecture of Spring forms 

Java Server Faces - JSF

JSF Architecture
presentation and behavior. MVC pattern helps persons of different skill sets to work... using reusable UI components and business logic part can be implemented using...JSF Architecture      JSF 

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J2EE - Java Interview Questions
J2EE  What is J2EE architecture?  Hi friend, The Java... applications with an extensive test suite. J2EE architecture supports component... encapsulate reusable, distributable business logic for the application. These server 


Java Programmers with Financial Application
Java Programmers with Financial Application       Position Vacant: Java Programmers with Financial... the system  Developing architecture of the application  Creating 


PHP Frameworks
and supports complete separation of business logic layer from presentation layer... that allows you to easily create powerful, web-based, Ajax applications using... for development of highly interactive web applications in MVC architecture 


everywhere, so like ruby Objective-C also provides categories to achieve this. Categories allows programmer to add functionality to already existing classes... Categories When programmer wants to add some more 

EJB Tools

J2EE Tutorial - Introduction
and students and programmers from other languages want to know whether J2EE... presentation of what & why of J2EE. (It is better for aspiring Java... J2EE Tutorial - Introduction       

Programming Tutorials

J2EE Interviews Question page18,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews
the Web component contract of the J2EE architecture. This contract specifies a runtime.... In the J2EE architecture, a Web server provides services to a Web container... handling. The J2EE architecture assumes that a Web container is hosted by a Web 

Struts Questions

the business logic is executed.
the business logic is executed.  In which method of Action class the business logic is executed 


MVC Architecture In Java
the users. In the MVC design pattern application data, business logic... is Model ? In the MVC design pattern, Model, represents the data, business logic...MVC Architecture In Java In this section we will discuss about the MVC 


J2EE Tutorials: Effective ways to learn J2EE
more on business logic instead of wasting time of infrastructure...J2EE Tutorials: Effective ways to learn J2EE  J2EE  or Java 2 Platform..., scalable, reliable, and secure network applications.  J2EE is now called 

Web Services

Difference between Web Server and Application Server
to run business logic or dynamically generating presentation code. A J2EE... the Application server allows business logic to client through various protocols...) which are used to execute business logic. Web Server has one container: Web