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10 Exciting New Features in Windows 8.1
avatar. Here are our picks on 10 exciting new features in Windows 8.1.... is certainly one of the most exciting new features in Windows 8.1 that not only... new features in Windows 8.1 is the comprehensive Bing smart search. The one 


New features of MongoDB 2.6
MongoDB 2.6 is released with many exciting features and Full text search This release of the MongoDB is the biggest release ever with many new exciting... enhancements, many new automation tools and the many enterprise features 

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New features in PHP 5.5
New features in PHP 5.5 - The latest version of PHP version 5.5 provides many news features for the development of application in PHP framework The PHP 5.5... and features. There are many new exiting features which is added to the PHP 5.5 

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New Features of JAVA SE 6.
Services 2.0 With the Java SE 6 Platform Most exciting new features of the JAVA SE... New Features of JAVA SE 6.       Following are the new features in SE 6 


Java 5 Features
; This section introduces you with the new features on Java 5. Here you will learn about the exciting new additions to the Java language. After going through this page you will better understand the features of Java 5.0. New Features 

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Spring 3.0 features
Spring 3.0 features Spring 3.0's stable version 3.0.2 was released on April 2, 2010 with many new features and enhancements. This release of Spring framework... Native TopLink support Weblogic 8.1 and WebSphere 5.1 spring.jar New 


Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages
or will it be difficult to adjust with all the new features. Lets take a look... (Pros): Installation time of Windows 8 takes only 10 minutes. Windows.... Metro theme and layout is unique with a whole lot of cool new features 


Windows 8, the New Operating System from Microsoft
, the wait for the Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft... of simplicity in computing. Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft is all... of the already well known features and advantages of Windows 8 include faster booting time 

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links open new windows
links open new windows  Why do my links open new windows rather than update an existing frame 

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Hibernate 4.3 ORM Features
about the new features of Hibernate 4.3 ORM framework. The Hibernate 4.3 is released with many new exciting features for development of enterprise applications...Hibernate 4.3 ORM Features - Learn the new features of Hibernate 4.3 ORM 

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What are New Features in JAVA SE 6
of the most exciting new features of the JAVA SE 6 is support for the Java API for XML...Here are the new features of the version 6 of the Java Standard Edition (SE.... Collections Framework Enhancement: With the new Java SE features, now 

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New Features in Hibernate 4
New Features in Hibernate 4  What are the new features in hibernate 4... of enterprise web applications.   Here are the list of new features... The ServiceRegistry API is also introduced in the new version of Hibernate Core 4. JDK 

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New features in PHP5?
New features in PHP5?   hello,, What are new features added in PHP5?   hii, Following are new features added in PHP5 Access Modifiers are added in PHP5 PHP 5 introduces a number of new "magic" methods. Magic 

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What are the new features of Spring 4.1?
What are the new features of Spring 4.1?  Hi, I am trying to find the new features of Spring Framework 4.1. What are the new features of Spring 4.1? Thanks   Spring 4.1 is released with many major features 

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Open Source Windows
for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface...Open Source Windows      ...; Miro Beautiful interface. Plays any video type (much more than windows 

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Struts 2.0.2 Released
is released with new exciting features and bug fixes.  Here are the list of new features and Plugins added to Struts 2 framework: * Plugins are now... multiple file uploading through our new Showcase example (WW-1479). * Action 

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JSP 2.0 - New Features
. JSP 2.0 is an upgrade to JSP 1.2 with several new and interesting features... with the objective of making the life of Developers easy. Here is the new features of JSP 2.0...Features of JSP 2.0       


Windows 10 Privacy settings explained
and mobile phones. Windows 10 OS added many new features which simplifies...Windows 10 Privacy settings - know about the privacy settings option in Windows 10 Windows 10 comes with many privacy settings options and most importantly 


New Features in JDBC 4.0
New Features in JDBC 4.0      ... the Results. Some of the new set of features which come along with Mustang... are described below with some new features and enhancements. 1. Getting 

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Features of Epic Browser for Windows
Bharadwaj. There is a long list of features of Epic browser for Windows. Just... with latest features of Epic browser that to delight Indian users. Based on Mozilla..., for gamblers. Some additional features are My Computer sidebar, backup files 


Windows 10 - Tips and Tricks
is one of the best new features of Windows 10 Window 10 marked the return...Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which is released... Windows 7 and Windows 8 to latest version of Windows e.g. Windows 10. Windows 


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in 1826 and it took 10 years and approximately 95000 rupees for its completion... stained glass windows and a central octagonal dome. The dome has a high degree... features of the St. James church Delhi: The main feature of the St. James Church 

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What is Windows Hosting?
of a choice as there are only two major hosting types, Windows hosting and Linux... one is the better, Linux or Windows. Though both types of hosting has its... to shoulder analysis. Windows hosting has some specific areas of strength 

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JPA 2.1 New Features
This section is explaining you the new features of JPA 2.1. The JPA 2.1 specification is coming with many new features and enhancements. The JPA 2.1 aims... specification is defined through the JSR-338. What are new features of JPA 2.1 

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What are the new features of Hibernate 4.3.0.final ORM?
What are the new features of Hibernate 4.3.0.final ORM?  Hi, Can anyone tell me What are the new features of Hibernate 4.3.0.final ORM? Thanks   Hi, The most important features is its support for JPA 2.1. Hibernate 


How To Install Windows 8
operating system by Microsoft i.e. Windows 8 with a new and looks and attractive features. Now, get started with Windows 8.  ...In this tutorial we will discuss about how to install windows 8 on your 


Is Window 8 better than Windows 7?
Windows 8 is a completely new version of Windows that works well...With release of Windows 8 its comparison with Windows 7 is inevitable. Most of the users are in dilemma to whether or not to upgrade to windows 8. Is Windows 


How Windows 8 will benefit Business?
hardly been any doubt about the dominance of Windows, but when new interfaces... In a way you can say that Windows 8 is the operating platform to address the new... features that any professional would hardly argue in considering Windows

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New Features of Spring Framework 3.2
Spring Framework 3.2 released is with many new features and enhancements. Its final version of the of the Spring Framework 3.2. It recommended that the users... now supports new improved features of Java SE 7 

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Eclipse Plugin-Language
applications and protect your development tools investment with Intel® C++ Compiler 8.1 for Linux*. Advanced optimization features deliver outstanding performance... editing, browsing, and building features for Ada (including Ada 2005