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Transaction Management

Struts Questions

Library Management in Struts. - Struts
Library Management in Struts.  Hi can you give me the application related to Library Management using Struts Or Jsp 


ERP Inventory Management
ERP Inventory Management  ERP (Inventory Management module) Inventory Management module is sub divided into different modules as under Inventory Requisition. Inventory Order Assessment Inventory Placing. Supplier Performa 

Java Beginners

bank management - Java Beginners

Java Beginners

computer management - Java Beginners

Development process Questions

java cache management - Development process
java cache management  I have written a code in cache management and when i use this in server .The results of other(subsequent) users is displayed... management to handle concurrent user environment.i can overcome from this problem 

Java Beginners

Computer dealer management - Java Beginners

SQL Question

What are the main components of Database management systems software.
What are the main components of Database management systems software.  What are the main components of Database management systems software?   Hi, here is the answer, The database management system software includes 

Swing AWT

project on bank management system - Swing AWT
project on bank management system  plz give me code to move from by clicking a button on one panel to other panel and the add textfield and label such as name , address etc to second panel and textfield are one below to other 

JSP Interview Questions

Can you tell me about Content Management tool -- Intraoven - JSP-Interview Questions
Can you tell me about Content Management tool  Can you tell me about Content Management tool?  Hi which CMS you are talking about??I know both Joomla and Typo 3 content Management Tools and worked on it but never heard 


Record management application for a school
Record management application for a school In this section, we are going to create an application to record the information of all the students. All the data has been stored in the text files.Through this application, you can add record 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Files management functions and examples.
The PHP file management is import in any application development. Sometimes you have to handle the file from your program. For example you may have to read the some data from the file and display on the users browser. PHP scripting 

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Java Telephone directory management system
Java Telephone directory management system Here we are going to create a java application for Telephone directory system. For this, we have accepted ID, name...(System.in); int menu = 0; System.out.println("Telephone Directory Management 




BSNL Broadband users - save yourself!
on the internet. Most routers have an option where remote management can... to make sure remote management is not active to protect yourself. Note : On SmartAX MT880 eventhough Remote Management is disabled , it permits remote logins 

SQL Question

What is normalization?
in the database, there is the risk that it is updated in one place but not the other 

Security Questions

IDM - Security
IDM  What is Sun IDM ?  IdM is Identity Management Tool for controlling access of different systems from a single centralized place or system. SUN IdM is onbe Identity Management tool provided by SUN 

Java Beginners

Memory - Java Beginners
Memory management in Java  Where are these Heap and Stack? Is there size fixed? what is core area in memory 

JSP Interview Questions

services provided by a container
: Transaction management for the bean Security for the bean Persistence of the bean Remote access to the bean Lifecycle management of the bean Database-connection 

JDBC Questions

database retrieving - JDBC
database retrieving  how to retrieve resultset from table which we have created in 'SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT STUDIO' using java program 

EJB Questions

component based technology - EJB
many of the issues such as scalability, lifecycle management, state management,Transaction management,Security. For more information, please visit 


Scope of ERP in the modern business era
Department Engineering, Bills of Material, Scheduling, Capacity, Workflow Management, Quality Control, Cost Management, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Projects,Manufacturing Flow Supply Chain Management Inventory, Order Entry, Purchasing 

Mobile Applications Questions

What is RMS ?
What is RMS ?  hii, What is RMS ?   hello, The Record Management System (RMS) is a simple record-oriented database that allows a MIDlet to persistently store information and retrieve it later 

WebSevices Questions

Portal development with BEA Weblogic Workshop - WebSevices
Portal development with BEA Weblogic Workshop  I am developing a portal using BEA weblogic Workshop workbench. We have to use the content management system to store and retrieve files and display it on the portlets 

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HOW TO USE REQUEST DISPATCHER - Servlet Interview Questions

Maven Questions

Maven - Maven
, intelligent project management, build and deployment tool provided by Apache?s... management. --------------------------- I am sending you a link. This link 

PHP Tutorial

What is a database?
and updated easily. A database is divided into two parts :  1. Database Management System (DBMS). 2 Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). 1. DBMS : DBMS stands for database management system and it includes theoretical part 

Java Beginners

Hi.. - Java Beginners
Password View Record Trainee Management System... Manage Trainee Record View Recrod Employee Management... Management System Attendence Manage Job Register 

Java Interview Questions

java bean - Java Interview Questions
for transaction management 

Java Beginners

school mangement application - Java Beginners
school mangement application  record management application for a school IN JAVA + SOURCE CODE.add, delete,modify. No database should be used. All data must be stored in one or two files. total file should not be re-written