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Java Beginners

Weight loss
Weight loss   Is anybody able to help me. I am wanting to build... and output weight loss given time spent on activities import java.util.*; public... //calculate calories burnt //calculate weight loss //output 

Java Beginners

possible loss of precision error
possible loss of precision error  how do i fix this error " possible loss of precision found int required char ch = input.read()" this is the code import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.IOException; class Test1 

Java Beginners

possible loss of precision
possible loss of precision  { int amount=(int)depositAmount; switch (depositAmount) { case(depositAmount<=depAmount1... is" +intrest); } i have possible loss of precision as my error 

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Weight Loss
Weight Loss Here we are providing complete information on Obesity and weight loss. This information will guide you in finding the right way in weight loss.... We are also discussing about Weight Loss surgery. There are many advantages 

Java Magazine Questions

can a volatile memory loss data on power cut
can a volatile memory loss data on power cut  Can a volatile memory loss ache and main memory content on power cut?   In Volatile, Cache and main memory will lose their contents when the power is off 

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Weight loss by Ayurveda
Weight loss by Ayurveda There are many ways to loose weight but there has been... weight. Ayurveda weight loss method includes a balanced diet, Yoga and meditation. There are no medicines involved and there are no side effects to weight loss 

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Weight Loss Surgery Side Effects
Weight Loss Surgery Side Effects Though Weight loss surgery also known... Bariatric surgery or Weight loss surgery. The size of stomach is reduced... and stomach cramping is another side effect of weight loss surgery. In some 

General Information

Lose Weight Surgery
Lose Weight Surgery This article discusses about weight loss surgery and how it is useful in reducing weight. These days weight loss surgery is successfully... even after dieting you can find good doctor and go for weight loss surgery 

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Surgery to lose weight
is now opting for the weight loss surgery to reduce the weight. Weight loss surgery is also one of the options for the weight loss. Surgery to lose weight.... You should go for the diet control and Ayurvedic medicines for the weight loss 


Why effective fleet management is necessary?
In case you are wondering why effective fleet management is necessary and what will be loss one has to face in case they neglect or give less attention in managing their fleet, than beware the negligence has made man country suffer huge 

Java Beginners

Converting PDF in to XML
Converting PDF in to XML  I have to convert PDF into XMl without any loss in text. Please suggest sth good 

IDE Questions

cp and sp
cp and sp  design a gui application to accept the cost price and selling price from the user in two textfields and then calculate the profit or loss occured 

Java Beginners

image Processing
image Processing  Please give Me a JPEG or GIf "LOSS LESS" Image Compression and Decompression Source Code Please Help Me I don't want links Kindly help me Compression ratio not matter 

JSP Servlet Questions

Attendance Generation - JSP-Servlet
no forwarding of leaves for next month otherwise (no loss of pay) 2 if i used more than 2 leaves no forwarding of leaves for next month but loss of pay should 

Java Beginners

Casting in java - Java Beginners
; in this case no data loss. Downcasting :Higher to lower Ex: int i; byte b=(byte)i; data loss. what 

Java Interview Questions

Web application - business layer
to maintain integrity and prevent data loss. What are the characteristics 


and loss of scroll position! Read full Description 

Servlet Interview Questions

Session ID
' session ID values because it is very likely to result in the loss of the session 

Java Beginners

how to write the program - Java Beginners
in case of any loss of data has the feature of modifying the input data we can also 

Java Interview Questions

core java - Java Interview Questions
[ expected duplicate methods Permission denied already defined loss 

Programming Tutorials

VoIP Network Design
connectivity, latency, jitter, packet loss, and reliability objectives... for latency, jitter, and packet loss. Traffic policing, queuing, and shaping... constraints for packet loss, delay, and jitter . We?ve found these design 

Java Beginners

, massively distributable data loss prevention tool released under the GPL.OpenDLP 


What is Retail Management?
and loss management, safety and security, loss management, banking responsibilities 

Technology What is?

What is AAC?
; or missing. So this technique allows to discard the data with minimal loss... there is no loss of data if the compressed file is properly encoded. Here 

Vehicle Tracking Technology

GPS in everyday use
without loss of time. A personal map of travelling spots of your own... with the help of GPS. In case of loss of luggage while travelling GPS helps finding 

General Information

General information on different topics
: Weight Loss 


Convert Feet To Meters
feet to be of type int. To avoid loss of precession we have cast the output 


Convert Pounds To Kilograms
;. Here we have taken pound to be of type Int. To avoid loss of precession we have 


Convert Grams To Pounds
have taken Gram to be of type Int. To avoid loss of precession we have cast 

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Java file create temp file
the execution of the application. It is beneficial and secure to prevent loss