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Struts Videos
Struts Videos       Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com       

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How to set target to videos??
How to set target to videos??  Hi, i am developing project in HTML 5 with videos so, i am dispalaing videos in two table coloumn,if the video in one coloumn is clicked,it should be played in another coloumn. plzz suggest any idea 

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play videos - Java Beginners
play videos   How to play videos on line.how to embed the video player in the browser.If you can give some basic idea about this i would be thankful to you. Thanks 


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How to upload videos on YouTube and make money?
Learn the process of uploading videos on YouTube and start making decent money - $1000s per month In this video tutorial I will explain you the process of uploading the video on YouTube and making the necessary settings in your 


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Apple's New iPad? Is It The Hottest New Release Or Simply An iFlop?
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need sourcecode - Java Beginners
need sourcecode  Hai, I need program for packetization for videos 

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structs2  plz send to me for structs2 videos 

JEE Technologies

JEE - Java Enterprise Edition

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video playing
video playing  please give me a sample code to play uploaded videos i have alredy uploaded videos but when i try to play it using html5 nothing happens i need youtube like video playing . please somebody help me 

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jsp help - JSP-Servlet
jsp help  hai friends i am using videos,which will play on my webpage using flowplayer.my doubt is where will i store my videos whether in the database or in another local folder. please help me as soon as possible thanks 

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EJB interceptors Demo
EJB interceptors Demo  Please give me a detailed description and the demo for developing the interceptors in EJB. If possible give me a videos 

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MULTIMEDIA  how audia and videos are implemented in various application using multimedia. i want a detailed case study on that with certain example(application). please some one help me out.. thank you 

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You Tube
videos, as well as amateur content such as videoblogging and short original videos. In October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had reached a deal... videos or captured from movie or television on the internet. YouTube 

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java - Java Beginners
java  Hi , How to embedding the videos using java code. Please send the code.Please its urgent ,please send the code as soon as possible. Regards, Valarmathi 

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watch. You'll be able to download all the videos that each channel offers and when new ones are released, Miro will grab them automatically. Unlike tiny videos on websites like YouTube, Miro videos are usually very high quality and look 

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link  hey frnds can anyone plz tell me how can i store my videos as link in my database and can retrive the video using servlet by clicking on to that link .it may be confusing sorry about that and if someone can than plz help me 

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How to play only video file from any link
How to play only video file from any link  Hi Friends Please Help Me. My requirement is to play only videos from any webpages(ITS NOT A ABSOLUTE PATH)[IF I PASTE any VRL---,IT HAS TO BE PLAY IN ANY CONTROL] how it possible 

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Max size of iPhone application
Max size of iPhone application  Hi, I am developing iPhone application. There are many images and videos. I want to know allowed max size in MB. What is the max size of iphone application? Thanks   Hi, I think 

Java Beginners

Video streaming using java
Video streaming using java  I want to create a website based on video streaming.The user has to pay and watch the videos stored in the server.So we have to stream the video in the server side and send that to the client side 

HTML Questions

Need More Royalty Free Music Website
Need More Royalty Free Music Website  Royalty free music, which is also known as stock or production music, is a type of good quality music that is generally utilized for videos, games, websites, etc. because it doesn't need 

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Ajax Experience Video
Ajax Experience Video       Three videos: Firefox 2 and Javascript with Mozilla Corp's Brendan Eich http://www.scribemedia.org/2007/02/15/firefox-javascript-eich/ The Once and Future Web