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Programming Tutorials

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jQuery 'Tab Slide Out' Plug-in
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getting error in your login form code
getting error in your login form code  i tried your code for login... and password.the code is $fuser=$POST["userid"];. how to solve this problem please help me   hi friend, your form's input must have following : <input type 

Date Calendar

What is License Terms for using your code
What is License Terms for using your code   Hi, I have used Datepicker.java with some modification from your site. Can you please inform me what is the License terms for using it ? Thanks Venkatesh .P 

JSP Servlet Questions

error:Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).
error:Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).  my code:String org=request.getParameter("Org"); String desg... the setXXXX() method of PreparedStatement and in your SQL string you didn't use 


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Programming Tutorials

JavaScript Zoom in and Zoom out
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Programming Tutorials

How to promote your writing through your website
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Fading elements in and out example
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Struts Questions

Deployment of your example - Struts
Deployment of your example  In your Struts2 tutorial, can you show how you would war it up so it can be deployed into JBOss? There seems to be a lot... send me code and explain in detail. Visit for more information. http 

Software Services

Portal Development ' A Step Towards The Success Of Your Business
that you can get the most out of your money. Portal development is an essential...Portal Development – A Step Towards The Success Of Your Business Web... at the amount of business online today. Your website has got to be up to date and snazzy 

Programming Tutorials

JSP implicit object out
JSP implicit object out In this Section, we will discuss about implicit object out & it's methods. Out object denotes the Output stream in the context of page. The class or the interface name of the object out is " 

Java Beginners

: {Block 5} ADDRESS-3: {San Juan} POST CODE:{6745} ENTER CODE (XX TO stop) CODE:{FF1} QUANTITY:{2} CODE:{TR4} QUANTITY:{1} CODE:XX INVOICE FOR YOUR ORDER Harry... the correct code for a program.The output of the program is listed below 

Programming Tutorials

The Scannability of your website
The Scannability of your website   ... of your site needs to be such that it can be easily scanned. Search results... stand out by highlighting. As compare to a print document the number of words 

JSP Servlet Questions

Unreachable code
at line: 50 in the jsp file: /refreshPage.jsp Unreachable code 47...() for servlet jsp threw exception Following is my code: refreshPage.jsp...; <tr bgcolor="gray"> <td><c:out 

Development process Questions

Javascript code
Javascript code  Dear Sir, Again i am in need of your small help.I... you can find many rows and coloumns.I want to take print out with print options.But in traditional print code it is not comin good with cut portions from 

JSP Tutorials

setting out line
out line for rows and columns.  Code description The package we need... setting out line      ... for column. You can create the out line for both rows and columns. The out line 

Java Beginners

how to code this?
a toString() method that returns a String in the following form: Your total for ENTEREE and DRINK is: ORDERCOST Example: Your total for salad and juice... java.io.Scanner; Step 2: Menu Prompt The first menu that is printed out