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PHP Questions

change file permission in php
change file permission in php  How to change file permission in PHP 

Java Beginners

java get file permission
java get file permission  How to check the get file permission in Java 


Mysql Permission
Mysql Permission       Mysql Permission allows the user to connect to the database, Mysql... illustrate an example from 'Mysql Permission'. To understand and grasp example 


Java Thread checkAccess
permission of thread modification by using checkAccess () method. Thread checkAccess() : Thread class provides you to check the permission of thread modification... thread has permission to modify the thread. Throws : It throws SecurityException 

Programming Tutorials

How to check a file is read-able or not in java
Description: This example demonstrate how to check a file have read permission or not at a specified path.  The method canRead() of the File class check for its read property of a file. As in the file path we see '\' 

Programming Tutorials

How to check a file is write-able or not in java
Description: This example demonstrate how to check a file have write permission or not at a specified path.  The method canWrite() of the File class check for its write property of a file. As in the file path we see 

PHP Tutorial

PHP chmod, PHP chmod Example
program. The chmod() function allows the developers to change the permission...() function is used to change the read ,write, execute permission of  user... -execute permission ,2 -write permission,3 -read permission code <?php 

JDBC Questions

Access denied for user 'abc'@'xxxx' (using password: YES)
achieve this one.. ? Can i give any permission to connect with internet like in Android-internet connection permission like that ?.... Please let me out from 

JSP Servlet Questions

jsp page authentication panel using jsp/servlet?
jsp page authentication panel using jsp/servlet?  I have 10 jsp jsp forms and 7 users and i want to grant variour permission like edit,delete and save for users dynamically on forms.So please refer me code 

PHP Questions

forbidden error
forbidden error  Hi, I have created one search engine using php and mysql database.When i tried to search user name it's showing below error. You don't have permission to access /Practices/searchdata/4/< on this server 

Java Beginners

..........i have to give permission(priveledge) that submodule user does not have any permission to do any thing on submodule usercategory.....submodule user can 

JSP Servlet Questions

Script error - JSP-Servlet
is below: M.C.A 2003-2006 S.F.S S.J.C Trichy-- Permission...; Hi friend, Permission Restricted 

WebSevices Questions

Excel sheet in read only mode - WebSevices
make changes.But that i dont want,Also i have checked the permission in excel sheet,It has both read and write permission. How can i make the excel sheet 

SQL Question

403 Forbidden error - What is 403 Forbidden error, please explain...
. This happens the due to wrong permission given to the file on the web server 

Java Beginners

active ur account through mail - Java Beginners
activation account through email  Hi, good morning i am suresh i want some help from u my question is how to create a activation account through email and access the login permission? plz send the code this mail id  Hi 

JSP Servlet Questions

error message - JSP-Servlet
device, path, or file you may not have the appropriate permission to access". my 

RMI Questions

Exceptions in RMI - RMI
"file:/home/ann/src/" { permission java.security.AllPermission 

Java Interview Questions

core java - Java Interview Questions
[ expected duplicate methods Permission denied already defined loss 

JSP Servlet Questions

autentication & authorisation - JSP-Servlet
or script. *)It check that authentic user have proper permission 

PHP Tutorial

CHGRP example, chgrp example in PHP, PHP chgrp
This example of chgrp()  function in PHP. The chgrp() function is used to change the group permission for the file. To use the example you have to provide the name of the file and the group name to the chgrp() function 

Programming Tutorials

Chapter 14. Security Management
security role. A method permission is a permission to invoke a specified group.... <!-- The method-permission element specifies that one.... The method-permission element consists of an optional description, a list 

JDK 6 Tutorials

Changes in I/O
of the partition with write permission checks and OS restriction ...; everybody's write permission. In above methods, if writable parameter is true then it sets the permission to allow the write operations 

Java Tips and Examples

JTree Multiple Selection
or disallow the permission for selection the more than one tree component at a time..._TREE_SELECTION and if you will allow the permission for multiple selection..._SELECTION. SINGLE_TREE_SELECTION: It allows the permission for selecting only one 

Java Server Faces Questions

file uploading - Java Server Faces Questions
permission to write files in temporary folder is there any chance to change temporary 

PHP Tutorial

The filectime() function, filectime php, filectime() in php
Example of filectime() in PHP Description Syntax of filectime() in PHP int filectime(filename) It gives the last time when file  was changed. Changes are meant for inode(user,group,other permission in unix o/s ) and  

Ajax Questions

How to create runtime drag and drop form builder using asp.net mvc and jquery
How to create runtime drag and drop form builder using asp.net mvc and jquery  My task is related to Runtime drag and drop Form Builder. I have to design a dynamic form builder in which user has permission to drag the control 

Eclipse Plugins

Flexess Security Modeler
.region". It means that this permission will be satisified, when the region attribute of Order matches the region attribute of the permission.   

Technology What is?

the outgoing calls because without the prior permission of the PBX office... the out going calls that can dialed or not dialed without the permission of the PBX 

Free Programming books

Fortran Books
Programmer's Guide to Fortran77 Permission is granted to copy, distribute... in Fortran 90 Thanks to special permission from Cambridge University Press... as a helper program to your web browser. Permission is granted by the copyright 

JSP Tutorials

JSPs : Scriptlet
engine. It is executed at request processing time. You have permission