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JMS Questions

How to use AT Commands with J2ME?
How to use AT Commands with J2ME?  How to use AT Commands with J2ME? Thank you for your answer 

Java Beginners

execute dos commands
execute dos commands  how to execute dos commands using a java program 

SQL Question

What is the use of DBCC commands?
What is the use of DBCC commands?  What is the use of DBCC commands?   Hi, DBCC stands for database consistency checker. We use these commands to check the consistency of the databases, i.e., maintenance, validation 

Java Beginners

Implementing voice commands
Implementing voice commands  Am trying to write a java program to implement voice commands within a windows platform using preferably java (though any language will do). I would be glad for any tips and procedures that would help 


MySQL Commands
MySQL Commands       In this section, we are going to read about the mysql commands. Each... of commands. To see list of mysql commands, you type help or \h on the mysql> 

JDBC Questions

sending commands through RxTx
sending commands through RxTx  i am trying to call lightOn and LightOff method from NewSerialWriter's run() method but not able to make the correct... me where else my logic is not right. i sm trying to send 8 different commands 

SQL Question

Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands
Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands  hii, What is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands?   hello, TRUNCATE is a DDL command whereas DELETE is a DML command. TRUNCATE is much faster than 

SQL Tutorial

Mysql Date Commands
Mysql Date Commands       Mysql Date Commands illustrate the list of commands for retrieving current... illustrate an example from 'Mysql Date Commands'. To understand this example, we use 

Development process Questions

Servlet os running commands issues - Development process
Servlet os running commands issues  hello, i want the help regarding the running os commands through servlet. so please send it either on my personal email address or send it on the rose india servlet tutorial. thanx n 


Some Common Types of FTP Commands
it is important to know some common types of FTP commands. Though, many FTP commands are different in different commands but some of the commands are same regardless of the computer or operating system. Some commands are executed without any 

Java Beginners

chown, chgrp commands in java - Java Beginners
chown, chgrp commands in java  Hello: I used chgrp and chown two commands in java to change files properties like String exFile = "/home/camera/www/onlineview/46/*.jpg"; try { Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime 


Common SQL Commands
Common SQL Commands    SQL commands...). Here are a list of SQL commands. 1. DML COMMANDS INSERTUPDATESELECTDELETE... Ajay  The commands are based on this table: 1. DML COMMANDS 

Java Beginners

the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored in
the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored in  the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored 

Java Tips and Examples

Summary: DOS Commands
Java Summary: DOS Commands In this section we will discuss about DOS commands... commands. The knowledge of DOS command will help you in compiling... wildcards. Java related commands Setting up Sun's JDK/SDK may require 


Various Commands that are used in java are given below
Various Commands that are used in java are given below   1.javac c:\ javac classname.java A Java Compiler javac is a computer program or set of programs which translate java source code into java byte code 

Eclipse Plugins

Laika - IDE for maemo development
handled with shell-commands. This plugin makes it possible to use Scratchbox 


J2ME Command Class
commands namely, screen, back, cancel, ok, help, stop, ..., 3 etc. In J2ME commands are used for keeping information of the commands... we are going to show different commands on the screen but we have not used 


MySQL Creating and Deleting Database
and delete the database in MySQL. MySQL provides the both commands. In this section you... MySQL Creating and Deleting Database   ... then you have to select it to each time by using USE statement. MySQL Creating 

Free Magazine

Eclipse IDE
. To compile and run a program, a programmer uses javac and java commands 


Deleting a Table from Database
the database. We can do it very easily by using the commands in the MySQL... establishes the connection with MySQL database. After establishing the connection...;jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/";   String dbName =  

Eclipse Plugins

closing of acrobat on Windows, smartkeys, reference hovers and math commands 


Open Source SQL
compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc.... iSQL-Viewer works with most database platforms, including PostgreSQL, MySQL... to MySQL One of the very common questions appearing on various developer 


iBatis Stored Procedure Example
can use inline insert , delete, update SQL commands on our database table... MySQL database and we are using a Contact table same as in previous examples. We... procedure first open MySQL and create procedure as defined below:     


Data Manipulation Statements
and delete the records in a database. All database users will use these commands... that available in MySQL. Our Table records are listed below and on this table 

Technology What is?

What is IVR?
; database through phone keypad or voice commands. Mostly it is used 24*365 

Free Programming books

Database books
Database books       Page-1 The Structured Query Language is used in manipulating data stored in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). SQL provides commands 


About IDE
About IDE       Generally, a java programmer starts programming with a notepad. To compile and run a program, a programmer uses javac and java commands at the command prompt 

Free Programming books

Database books Page1
provides commands through which data can be extracted, sorted, updated, deleted... with any RDBMS such as MySQL, mSQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access 


Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Design concepts & design patterns Questions

button  can i give multiple commands on click of a button? if yes how can i do that?? multiple commands can we retriving dat from database, capturing data, moving to next page.. etc