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  • i like it muhammed younus attari March 28, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    i like this website, it helped me allot but the thing is if it provides examples then it will be more good.

  • core javadeepak kumar sana January 23, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    something ??????????????

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VoIP Adapters Sipura SPA-2100 Analog Telephone VoIP Adapter...; VoIP Broadband Adapters Until recently your Broadband Internet... 98SE/ME/2000/XP     VoIP Adapters VoIP ATA's 


VoIP Adapters
VoIP Adapters         ... for T-38 fax and 3-way calling. The HandyTone line of VoIP adapters lead...; Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATA) bridge the technical gap between analogue 


Event Adapters
Event Adapters       There are some event listeners that have multiple methods to implement. That is some of the listener interfaces contain more than one method. For instance 


Adapters Example
Adapters Example       In the following program code, the adapter class has been used. This class has been used as an anonymous inner class to draw a rectangle within an applet 

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WAST       Welcome to WAST   WAST is a framework for developing web application server adapters. WAST contains core and UI classes so that adapter writers 

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Enhancements in Networking Features
network adapters. This includes information like broadcast address, list object 

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Application Server
Application Server       WAST   WAST (Web Application Server Toolkit) is a framework for developing web application server adapters. It contains core and UI 


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VoIP Broadband          VoIP Broadband Adapters Until recently your Broadband.... Hardware adapters connect a standard telephone to the high-speed Internet connection 

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java - JavaMail
java  Hi, I have implement email adapters through WPS server. I need how to invoke the email adapters through the application using the same WPS server . Regards, Valarmathi 

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How to find the exact PHP template I need?
- Ready to use with several frameworks using the provided adapters (ZendFramework 

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Spring Integration 3.0 Release is released and available for download
to make the application which talks to the external system through adapters... includes index of gateways and adapters The improvements are done in Tail 

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COMPORSYS Code Generation
Resource Adapters for different Mainframe and ERP Solutions. Come to get more 


Event Handling In Java
generated from button, textfield, list, menus.   Event Adapters : Event...Event Handling In Java In this section you will learn about how to handle... that happens and your application behaves according to that event. For example 

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What is SDIO?
that is mostly being used in smartphone, Bluetooth adapters, Global Positioning System (GPS 


VoIP Telephone Adapter
hardware or operating system it can only do harm. Adapters with an ethernet port go into category "FXS to Ethernet". Adapters with a USB connector go 


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inexpensive SIP phones or adapters to your customers. Customers can make calls 

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Architecture of Global Positioning System (GPS)
adapters to the boosters required to launch them into orbit. These satellites 

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terminals (telephones), small gateways, and analog/VoIP adapters. Our VoIP hardware... of the participating event sponsors to answer a series of questions regarding 

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Want To Know What You Can Do Expect From Your New iPad? Look No Further?
get the wireless keyboard. Other accessories include docks, adapters and camera 

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How Spring MVC Module Works
to the appropriate Controller. The Handler Adapters involves 

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Technology Tutorial, explains the new event model and gives example code for 1.1 event handlers. Includes handy tables that map components to the events they can... adapters, and the methods they contain. Both tables link to where you can find more 

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Interact with connection pools to obtain and release connections
resource adapters the choice of only allowing one active connection... adapters have this limitation, it depends on their implementation. The WebSphere 


VoIP Headsets
USB-to-Headset Adapters. When you combine any Plantronics professional headset, the DA60, DA55 and DA40 adapters enable softphone users to conduct crisp 

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VOIP Network
broadband gateways, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) and small enterprise-class 


VoIP Equipment
of network equipment including routers and phone adapters. Here is a list 


VoIP Hardware
pre-configured adapters which already have been programmed to make and receive calls via your aql account, all you need to do is plug it in. In the event... dialing, or in the event of a power failure. The TelePort also allows 


Open Source Metaverses
articulate that ESB's have adapters and translators enabling messages from 

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Chapter 6. Assemble enterprise applications and deploy them in IBM WebSphere Application Server
, enterprise bean (EJB) modules, resource adapters archives (RAR files... class loaders load EJB modules, dependency JAR files, embedded resource adapters 


Java AWT Package Example
of the java platform. Event Adapters There are some event listeners that have... be extended further to partition GUIs. Describe different types of event... types of event are used in Java AWT. Events In this section, you 

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Apache Geronimo Application server Tutorial
Inbound and Outbound resource adapters J2EE 1.4 Client Application Support... pooling adapters. HOWL (http://how1.objectweb.org) Provides transaction logging