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Adobe Flex

Flex Alert Box example
Flex Alert Box example       Alert box is a dialog box that appears on window with some... Alert & box, Alert is a class defined inside the mx.controls package 


Java Alert Box
Java Alert Box In this example we will describe java alert box. First of all we have created class than main method after that we have created alert box... JOptionPane class to display the message alert box.  JOptionPane class is available 

Adobe Flex

Alert Box in Flex
Flex Alert Box Components Adobe Flex provides many types of components, in this tutorial we will study visual component. 1. Alert Box: In the present tutorial we will see how to display simple text using Alert Box. An Alert Box 


jQuery alert()
box can display information. This example displays an alert box after clicking...(function(){alert("jQuery alert box example !");});});</script>...jQuery alert() In this jQuery tutorial we will discuss how an alert box works 

JavaScript Questions

change appearance of alert box
change appearance of alert box  how to change the appearance of an alert() box 

Mobile Applications Questions

alert box in iphone
alert box in iphone  hello, how can i show alert box in my iphone application??   hello, you can use this code for show the alert .. UIAlertView *alt = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle: @"Title" message: @"Any 

Programming Tutorials

Display two alert box alternately by clicking on text
Display two alert box alternately by clicking on text In this tutorial , we will discuss about how to display two alert box alternately by clicking on text... on it ,it will show a alert box. But when we click on it again , it shows second alert box 


Display alert box on clicking link
to alert box or jQuery. In this example we have used the jQuery selector...Display alert box on clicking link In this tutorial, we will display alert box... a "a href" link. On clicking this link ,a alert box prompt message 


jQuery Hello World alert
. Hello world alert box example(HelloAlert.html) <html> <head>...jQuery Hello World alert example    ... display "Hello World" alert box using jQuery. This application will use 


JSP Alert
with Example The Tutorial illustrate an elaborative example to create alert box... the Login Name, an alert box displays showing error message: If you will not enter the Password, an alert box displays showing error message: If you will enter 


jQuery alert()
giving a simple example which will demonstrate you about how an alert box can display information. In this example we will display an alert box after clicking... this example and click on the button then the alert box will be displayed 

WebSevices Questions

why alert box is not appearing in servlets...?
why alert box is not appearing in servlets...?  //example.java import java.io.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class adduser extends HttpServlet { public void init(ServletConfig config 

Programming Tutorials

Alert Control in Flex4
. Flex uses the show() method of the Alert classfor open a dialog box. The Syntax...=mx.controls.Alert.OK ):Alert Example: <?xml version...Alert control in Flex4: The Alert control is a MX component. It has no Spark 

JSP Servlet Questions

alert in jsp
alert message?, please give me a code how to write alert box in jsp...alert in jsp  if(pass.equals(pwd)) { Statement st1..."); %> alert("password is successfully changed"); < 

JSP Servlet Questions

alert for validation
alert for validation  i want to put alert on the text box that enter...) if (cpos1==-1 || cpos2==-1){ alert("The date format must be : dd/mm/yyyy... || pmonth<1 || pmonth>12){ alert("Enter a valid month") return 

JSP Servlet Questions

Alert in Servlet
Alert in Servlet  <p>Hi</p> <p>I want to delete record from oracle db, i need alert message saying 'Are you sure you want... of each row, when i click delete it shd alert me....This is my servlet code:< 

JSP Servlet Questions

Name Display in alert box - JSP-Servlet
Name Display in alert box  Dear Sir, Please any one help me......... when i enter some value in text that value is already in database display the alert box but the value is not in data base alert box is not display 


J2ME Alert Example
J2ME Alert Example       Sound Alerts using MIDlet in J2ME This example illustrates how to create  alert through sound. In this example we are using AlertType class 

JavaScript Questions

JavaScript Alert YES NO
_alert('This will alert!')" value="Show alert box" string="alert for system...JavaScript Alert YES NO  How to send an alert to a user to confirm if there request is valid or not? I wants to send the alert message in Java Script 

JavaScript Questions

JavaScript display variable in alert
in alert box? I am using javascript.   <html> <head> <script..."; var city = "Delhi"; alert(name +" is in "+ city); } </script> </head> <body> <input type="button" value="Click for Alert" onClick 

JSP Servlet Questions

how to use confirmation alert box before delete in jsp?
how to use confirmation alert box before delete in jsp?  I use submit button.I want alert box before deleting data.   1)application.jsp: <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <html> <head> <script 


User Define Alert Example
User Define Alert Example       Creating a user defined alert message, In the given example we have created a image that can be fill with some colors and text 

JavaScript Questions

alert  after pressing ok button in alert message it has to stop...; if(username==""){ alert("Enter Username!"); return false; } if(password==""){ alert("Enter Password!"); return false; } return true; } </script> < 


A MIDlet Example to execute Alert Message with an Image
A MIDlet Example to execute Alert Message with an Image       In this "Alert Message" example, you will learn how to send an alert message to user whenever an action 

JavaScript Tutorial

Select Box Validation in JavaScript
. Example : How to Create Select Box: <select> <option value="Delhi">... is, if the user does not select any available option then alert box will display..., then it will display the name of the city in alert box. Now, here is the code 

JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Combo Box Validation
JavaScript validation. In this example we create a combo box of different... any technology then he/she got a alert message.   The Example is as follows... JavaScript Combo Box Validation       

Ajax Questions

To display suggestions in a text box - Ajax
, to get the suggestions i mean when i enter the alphabet in a text box(For ex:'A'), the names that starts from 'A' have to display in the text box. The names must be get from database,Please help me to do this task. Example: When i 

Design concepts & design patterns Questions

How to set left and top positions of alert box using JQuery in the below code?
How to set left and top positions of alert box using JQuery in the below code?  <script> $(document).ready(function() { if(document.getElementById("faxNoId").value=="- -"){ var show=document.getElementById 

JSP Servlet Questions

JSP Text Box properties. - JSP-Servlet
JSP Text Box properties.  How do I restrict a text box created in JSP page only for numbers.. example: I have a function something like...(form.number.value)){ return true; } alert("Invalid Number!Only 0-9 digits 

JSP Interview Questions

read value from database & alert it is available in database or not
read value from database & alert it is available in database or not  how to read value from text box and alert whether it is available in database or not?   1)availability.jsp: <html> <head> <script type