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Negative Leading
Negative Leading           In negative leading  you will learn how we can overlap a text using negative and positive leading values 


Leading VoIP Service Providers
and small businesses. Some of them are: Lingo: Lingo is a leading VoIp... Voip(dot ) com is leading in providig VoIP services due to its comparatively... is a leading player in providing VoIP service as it provides a long list of services 


Apache Log4J is the leading logging framework in Java.
Apache Log4J is the leading logging framework - User Apache Log4J for unit testing of your code. As we know, logging is an important part for any software... in the leading Java logging framework. If we consider a latest survey, then it come 


Symbian OS - All About Symbian OS
Symbian OS - All About Symbian OS Symbian OS is the world's leading operating system for mobile phones developed... is the world's leading operating system for mobile phones developed by Symbian 


Mysql Ltrim
Mysql Ltrim       Mysql Ltrim is used to remove the left leading and trailing spaces in the string...; spaces in the concatenated string. Now , inorder to remove the left leading 

SQL Tutorial

Mysql Ltrim
Mysql Ltrim       Mysql Ltrim is used to remove the left leading and trailing spaces... the left leading and trailing spaces in the string we use ltrim keyword that removes 


KUpload+ AJAX Progressbar
KUpload+ AJAX Progressbar       DimpleSoftware is a leading vendor of ASP.NET components, offering high quality software products and services. Let clients can accelerate .net 


GIS Programmer
GIS Programmer       Company Profile: We are leading software development company in India engaged in wireless technologies consultancy and product development. Its 


PHP SQL Variable
PHP SQL Variable       PHP SQL Variable are denoted with a leading dollar sign ($). The PHP  variable includes $ con , $ update and so on. Understand with Example This example 


Most Influential Management Gurus of Twentieth Century
Management pundits or management gurus are considered to be the most influencing figures in leading the greatest innovations and business ideas in the economic... for the Future, Leading the Revolution and The Future of Management. The first one 

Open Source

Freeside       Freeside is a leading open-source billing, trouble ticketing and account administration software that runs on web browser for providing service for hosting, service providing, content 


Software Project Management
Software project management is the process of planning, organising, staffing, monitoring, controlling and leading a software project. An effective software... include planning, organising, staffing, monitoring, controlling, leading 

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Struts 2.0.9 Released
Struts 2.0.9 Released       July, 24, 2007 Apache foundation is pleased to announce the release of Struts 2.0.9 with many bug fixes and enhancements. Struts 2 is one of the leading framework 

Vehicle Tracking Technology

GPS Personal Digital Assistant
system from Europe's leading navigation solution supplier. Easy-to-use, voice... Europe's leading navigation solution supplier. Only one system is needed to work 


VoIP XML          VoIP XML Wireless Software Intoto, a leading provider of integrated security, wireless and voice software platforms to networking and telecom 


VoIP Billing Software
is the industry?s leading VoIP billing engine which empowers service providers... limitless control over their system. CardSaver is an industry-leading, cost 

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Mobile J2ME Game Development Services, J2ME Mobile Game Application Solutions, Mobile Games Development
and others. J2ME is the leading mobile games development 


VoIP QoS          VoIP Quality Management Internet-based platforms are the foundation for communications services of the future. As a leading provider of DSP 

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Symbian Application Development, Symbian OS Solutions, S60 Software Development, Symbian Nokia Applications
by the leading handset manufacturers like Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola... users worldwide. Rose India is a leading Symbian mobile... the leading application development source for all things Symbian 

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Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic editors and has become the leading digital image editing application for the Internet, print, and other branches of media 


Java Training Online from India
to choose from. Rose India, one of the leading institutes in India offer 


Java Training Institutes in Delhi
India, one of the leading portals for online Java training leverages its 

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Front Page Web Hosting
Front Page Web Hosting Microsoft Front Page is leading WYSIWYG editor for the development of web site using HTML and DHTML. Front Page is used by webmasters to build and maintain websites. Almost all Web Hosting service 


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Project management is a specific discipline of management associated with the planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling the resources of a project to achieve the desired goals or objectives of the project 


IT Training in India
IT Training in India With an excellent infrastructure and improved means of IT education, India has emerged as one of the leading destinations for IT training education and entire world is well appreciating its credentials. The recent 

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Free PHP Books
Free PHP Books         PHP 5 Power Programming In this book, PHP 5's co-creator and two leading PHP developers show you how to make the most of PHP 5's industrial 

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Gifts Shop Web Templates
sites. Rose India Technology, one of the leading Website designing Company offers 


MongoDB: What is it and it's Features?
Keeping in view the need for how we build and run our applications today easily, the MongoDB has been designed. It is the leading NoSQL database, which has been created for running and building the applications today easily. If you 


System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Among all the models System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Model is one of the leading models that have been widely accepted. SCLC is also famous as Classic Life Cycle Model or Linear Sequential Model or Waterfall Method. This model 

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J2EE Application Development Solutions and Services
J2EE application development J2EE Custom Software Application Development Services J2EE is the modular, component-oriented derivative of Java and has become a leading application development technology of current time. J2EE