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Business logic vs Presentation logic - JSP-Servlet
Business logic vs Presentation logic  what is the difference between Business logic and Presentation logic 

Eclipse Plugins

Extended VS Presentation
Extended VS Presentation         Extended VS Presentation plugin contributes powerful...;default" Eclipse presentation features but adds much more useful things 

JSP Servlet Questions

Servlets vs JSP - JSP-Servlet
Servlets vs JSP  What is the main difference between Servlets and JSP?  Hi Friend, Differences: 1)In MVC, jsp act as a view..., look and act like programs. 4)JSP is basically used for presentation 

JSP Servlet Questions

Servlets Vs Jsp - JSP-Servlet
Servlets Vs Jsp  In servlets and Jsp's which one is important... Presentation----Jsp's Internalprocessing(Logic... JSP is a Presentation Layer. A Java Server Page is a slightly more complicated 

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getResourceAsStream() vs FileInputStream
getResourceAsStream() vs FileInputStream  getResourceAsStream() vs FileInputStream 

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data retrival and presentation - XML

Java Interview Questions

websphere vs weblogic
websphere vs weblogic  websphere vs weblogic Why you are using websphere instead of weblogic 

IoC Questions

oracle vs sql
oracle vs sql  what is the difference between oracle and sql 

Java Interview Questions

encapsulation vs abstraction
encapsulation vs abstraction  what is the difference between encapsulation and abstraction 

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JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer
JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer          In this section we will learn about configuring the presentation layer. The presentation tier integration 

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JETM vs Jprofiler
JETM vs Jprofiler  Can anyone explain the difference between Java Execution Time Measurement(JETM) and Jprofiler 

Java Beginners

Interface vs abstract class
Interface vs abstract class  Hai, Is there any possible to defining abstract methods in Interface 

CVS Questions

compiler vs interpreter
compiler vs interpreter  "compiled program executes faster especially if the program contains loop" Why 

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ejb vs hibernate - EJB
ejb vs hibernate  1>>> If we have ejb entity bean why we need hibernate? 2>>> Is hibernate distributed 

Development process Questions

java vs vb
java vs vb  history of java and advanced products as well as vb? compared with java and vb? finalize list out the table of java and vb products? viewers i want more soon 

Java Beginners

inheritence Vs inheritence
inheritence Vs inheritence  what are difference b/w c++ inheritence and java inheritence   Hi Friend, C++ supports Multiple Inheritance while Java does not. Thanks 

SQL Question

Derby vs MySQL - SQL
Derby vs MySQL  Hi, I want to know what are the advantages using Derby Database over MySQL.  http://www.roseindia.net/eclipse/plugins/database/index.shtml 

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ejbSelect() vs ejbHome() - EJB
ejbSelect vs ejbHome  Hi, 1) What are the differences between ejbSelect() and ejbHome...() business methods in CMP bean? 2) In Ed Romans Mastering EJB 3rd edition, it is mentioned that ejb finder methods 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Vs Java Those who think that java scales and PHP not is wrong, PHP it needs someone to explain the truth that it does scale. Those who is open minded... is used to format the page presentation. Stateful and Stateless Architecture 

Java Beginners

portability vs platform independent
portability vs platform independent  sir, pls tell me 1.the differences between platform independent and portability related to java technology 2.how java provides security 3.how can i prove servlet is a single instance 

Java Beginners

java vs .net - Java Beginners
java vs .net  which language is powerful now java or .net 

JSP Servlet Questions

Power Poing Presentation in JSP - JSP-Servlet
Power Poing Presentation in JSP  Hi, there are some records in database having different set of values say about 90 values like names and dates. there will be JSP page having a button "prepare power point presentation" if we 

Java Beginners

Scanner vs. BufferedReader
Scanner vs. BufferedReader  I have to decide from these two classes to read a file. File is of .txt type and its size is around 4.5 GB. There other text files also which is around 7 to 10 GB. So, which class is to be used to read 

JSP Servlet Questions

doGet() Vs doPost()
doGet() Vs doPost()  plz explain the differences between both of these methods used in a servlet. also give an example of both the methods. thanks.   A doGet() method is limited with 2k of data to be sent, and doPost 

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Order of list in java Vs Haskell.
Order of list in java Vs Haskell.  How to order of [1,2,3] to [1,2,3,2,1]in java 

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PHP Comma vs Period - PHP
PHP Comma vs Period  Explain PHP Comma vs Period. And also how can one show a comma within a comma separated file.   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net/tutorial/php/phpbasics/PHP 

Development process Questions

return 0 vs exit 0
return 0 vs exit 0  what is the difference between return 0 and exit 0 in c? i could not find any difference in their behaviour (both terminates the process execution) in a program 

Hibernate Questions

Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA
Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA  What is the difference between Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA?   Hibernate is ORM framework which you can use in your application. You can also use Hibernate as Persistence 

Development process Questions

java vs vb


Draw Line in PowerPoint Presentation Using Java
Draw Line in PowerPoint Presentation Using Java       In this example we are going to create line in PowerPoint presentation using java. In this example we are going to make