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Struts Questions

Library Management in Struts. - Struts
Library Management in Struts.  Hi can you give me the application related to Library Management using Struts Or Jsp 


Record management application for a school
Record management application for a school In this section, we are going to create an application to record the information of all the students. All the data has been stored in the text files.Through this application, you can add record 

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Transaction Management

Programming Tutorials

Java Telephone directory management system
Java Telephone directory management system Here we are going to create a java application for Telephone directory system. For this, we have accepted ID, name...(System.in); int menu = 0; System.out.println("Telephone Directory Management 


ERP Inventory Management
ERP Inventory Management  ERP (Inventory Management module) Inventory Management module is sub divided into different modules as under Inventory Requisition. Inventory Order Assessment Inventory Placing. Supplier Performa 

PHP Tutorial

PHP Files management functions and examples.
The PHP file management is import in any application development. Sometimes you have to handle the file from your program. For example you may have to read the some data from the file and display on the users browser. PHP scripting 

Java Beginners

school mangement application - Java Beginners
school mangement application  record management application for a school IN JAVA + SOURCE CODE.add, delete,modify. No database should be used. All data must be stored in one or two files. total file should not be re-written 

Java Beginners

bank management - Java Beginners

Java Beginners

computer management - Java Beginners

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CRUD application in hibernate annotation
CRUD application in hibernate annotation       In this section, you will learn how to develop a CRUD application...  Follows the following steps for developing the CRUD application 

Java Beginners

Computer dealer management - Java Beginners

SQL Question

What are the main components of Database management systems software.
What are the main components of Database management systems software.  What are the main components of Database management systems software?   Hi, here is the answer, The database management system software includes 

Swing AWT

project on bank management system - Swing AWT
project on bank management system  plz give me code to move from by clicking a button on one panel to other panel and the add textfield and label such as name , address etc to second panel and textfield are one below to other 

Struts Questions

registration application
registration application  How to develop a registration application in struts which has seperate file for database connection and data checking and form and action 

JSP Interview Questions

Can you tell me about Content Management tool -- Intraoven - JSP-Interview Questions
Can you tell me about Content Management tool  Can you tell me about Content Management tool?  Hi which CMS you are talking about??I know both Joomla and Typo 3 content Management Tools and worked on it but never heard 


Switch application
In this application we are going to create it by using Window based application. So we will find one window. There is  .h and  .m file. We... @synthesize window; - (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application 

JSP Interview Questions

JSP Application Object
JSP Application Object  JSP Application Object?   Application Object is used to share the data with all application pages. Thus, all users share information of a given application using the Application object 

Mobile Applications Questions

Application without Interface Builder!!
Application without Interface Builder!!  Can we make our iphone application without Interface Builder???   hello, yes , it is possible to make an iphone application without interface builder.. we can also use only 


Developing Distributed application using Enterprise Java Beans, J2EE Architecture, EJB Tutorial, WebLogic Tutorial.
Two-tier application... transaction and state management, multithreading, resource pooling.... Low-level details are managed by the application container 

JNDI Questions

Application Server - JNDI
Application Server  How can we create Domain in Weblogic9.1 application server and also how can we create jdbc connection pooling by using oraclethin driver and how can we configure it to jndi 

Development process Questions

Application server - Development process
Application server  hai this is jagadhish. I want to download Bea Weblogic application server software with version 8.1.Frome which site I can download this server.Plz help me to download this server.Thanks in advance 

Development process Questions

chat application - Development process
chat application  Hi, I need to start a chat application using servlet,jsp for my application it is for a government department. Is it possible to do that using servlet,jsp if yes how? thanx,regards zaks 

Struts Questions

struts application - Struts
struts login application form code  Hi, As i'm new to struts can anyone send me the coding for developing a login form application which involves a database search like checking user name in database 

Framework Questions

wndows Application - Framework
wndows Application in .net & SQL  How to Create a Login Page using C# .net and SQL 


Segment application
iPhone Segment application   In this application we are going to create iphone segment application by using View based application. In this we... Application. Open the Interface Builder by double clicking 

Struts Questions

Intranet application - Struts
Intranet application  Sir,I am develping a Intranet web application for college which has its own ip address and etc.I dont know how to deploy an application into server,changes to be done inside application.I am using struts.plz 

Security Questions

Web application security - Security
Web application security  Hi, Expert how to hide url in webpage or fix the url in every web page in java.Please give any suggestion or idea 

Flex Questions

Flex application enviorment
Flex application enviorment  Hi...... PLEASE TELL ME THE What development environment you need to create Flex applications? please give me the name of these development environments..... Thanks 

Framework Questions

enterprise application - Framework
enterprise application  how jsp connect with client application and database?  Hi friend, For solving the problem visit to : http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/connect_jsp_with_mysql.shtml Thanks 

Spring Framework Questions

Web application - Spring
Web application  I need one simple complete web application example using springs with database connection,i saw ur demo but it is not succfient.can u send to raghavendra@oneapps.com.I am a beginner